Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Cameron really ? Anti-Muslim hate crimes to be recorded separately

   Muslims are victims of .....uh ???
   I think I pretend to forget that Muslims do most religious hate crimes on this planet....
  They do the most killings at home as well called honour killings ....
    We just forgot to count the graves of the victims let´s not make a show about that ...
    This is getting no where I know ...
   That's why I do this distract you.
       At last I try my magical powers to influence the media .....

London: Anti-Muslim hate crimes are to be recorded as a separate category for the first time by police in England and Wales, British Prime Minister David Cameron said on Tuesday.

"We all have a role to play in confronting extremism. That's why I have invited important Muslim and non-Muslim figures to join the new Community Engagement Forum, so I can hear directly about their work in our communities, the challenges they face and so that they can be part of our One Nation strategy to defeat it," Cameron said.

Wishful thinking is far away from facts
"I want to build a national coalition to challenge and speak out against extremists and the poison they peddle. I want British Muslims to know we will back them to stand against those who spread hate and to counter the narrative which says Muslims do not feel British he said. 
"And I want police to take more action against those who persecute others simply because of their religion," he added.
Islamic honour killings taking place in the UK by family members are by far more of  danger to Muslims than any racial motivated killings. There are so massive reports on honour killings and we wonder "if there even is even one" anti Muslim murder victim?
Fact is that 

Hate crime vs terror of citizens
In recent years we have seen so many Islamist attacks in EU which have not been anything else but only supremacist and racist.
Lets not forget the Paris massacres and the consist hate attacks be it on Jewish Schools or Museums or trains…The creators of terror are 99% Muslims and not Christians or Jews or Hindus.
As a matter of fact there has not been any killing attempt by non Muslims.
Cameron should remember the followers of Anjem Chaudhry who did kill the 
British soldier on a open street ….
Mr.Cameron however tells: The move brings Islamophobia in line with anti-Semitic attacks targeting Jews, which have been recorded separately for years in the country.

The announcement came as hate crimes, or offences based on prejudice over personal characteristics, registered an 18 per cent rise in England and Wales in 2014-15.

Statistics instead of dead victims talk 
According to the latest UK Home Office figures, police recorded 52,528 hate crimes in 2014-15, up from 44,471 in 2013-14. More than 80 per cent were categorised as race hate crimes, with others involving religion, disability, sexual orientation and transgender victims.
Please note that , so called Islamist attacks are not included in the statistics and so the picture is missing its prime attacker that has the largest kill rate of al hate crimes in Europe. Can anyone deny this ?

"Hate crime has no place in Britain and I am determined to make further progress to ensure we can eradicate this deplorable act." UK Home Secretary Theresa May said.
"Working with police to provide a breakdown in religious- based hate crime data will help forces to build community trust, target their resources and enable the public to hold them to account," Theresa said.

The announcement coincided with a new report released in the Parliament to find out the extent of Islamophobia in the country.

We at SDR too the same liberty and wish to present to you a study by one man only, on why Islamophobia has been created by Muslims them selfs.

Muslim Islamists are killing people every day be it in Syria or France or US and its always the same reason relating to their religion.  The common man don’t trust any Muslims until they stop their terror and killing of Innocent women and children world wide. From Nigeria’s Boko Haram to ISIS or the Taliban or al-Qaeda its so many groups that it insults intellect not to see who are the victims here.

BBC drags up one rare victim ...
Among the most shocking (but very rare) was an account of a Muslim woman who was showered in alcohol in a violent attack on a train as other passengers silently watched on, the Tell MAMA (Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks) report said.

Imran Awan, a criminologist from Birmingham City University and co-author of the report, said: "This research reveals worrying levels of fear and intimidation experienced by many Muslims, compounded by a lack of support from the wider public when facing physical threats in the real world and an absence of tough action from social media platforms at the abuse people are receiving online."

Its maybe time for Muslims to do full stop and reflect who is judging who?

If Muslims are seen in such a bad light, there must be a strong reason why the common Europeans see Muslims as they do.  After all there is a saying: No fire - No smoke! 

Take and take instead of give and take….
Muslims seem so proud about their standing that many times they kill their
own daughters to keep honour. 
But when it comes to their standing in society Muslims don’t do anything to better up their image. Sadly but as a matter of fact we see them always demanding from others for special attention while giving nothing in return!

At last but not least....the missing link to reality!
Muslim religious hate crimes should be recorded as a separate category for the first time by police in England and Wales, Mr David Cameron. 
Its high time that common sense replaces the word politically correct. 
Sadly that won't be in England.

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