Saturday, 24 October 2015

EU: The fear of being racist results in dual justice

UKIP  Nigel Farage MEP - Sharia Law & Sharia Courts In Britain

A woman marriage made at a Mosque entitles the woman of almost nothing after a divorce and also she has to accept any amount of wife's and a in the worst case face divorce via Facebook or text message...Such should not exist in the EU!  No matter what some people may call it.
Instead of suggesting registering marriages at the magistrate it should be compulsory all over EU for all marriages to be registered.  This requirement should be given to every Mosque, Temple or Synagogue etc all  in all everyone equally.
Failure to meet these criteria should be punishable by a court order giving the religious issuer of illegal unregistered marriage a written notice of denial to practice the same sort of work, ever again within EU.  Or to work or live within a religious community.

The law must be bought to only one register unless e wish to debate with sharia spokes people like here in the following video.

Its simple, honest and legally transparent to follow only one law anything else is a personal choice. This is a fact, and there is no racism in following the law of EU, if its equal for all religions. 

Why make million of public debates when its obvious that the laws are being broken and ignored to the fullest. Its time to face matters and not debate. This as the tax payers deserve more quality for the money they pay.