Sunday, 18 October 2015

Finland: Alienated Police chief's reality check reveals police resources thrown out the window!

Finland President tells that the funds to check arriving so called welfare refugees isn't enough.

Still as you can see here below the Finnish police have resources to send are 6 police cars to check out a Pizza kiosk selling pizzas for 5 Euro...The reason if it was a larger crime or just checking for so called grey economy as the campaign is called , where police searches for to cheap pizzas is all the same. The police is needed by the border and not here at the Kiosk!

In recent month Finland's  president Niinistö has been informed that Finnish police and authorities don’t have resources to check out all the Arab migrants arriving to Finland. 

SDR thinks that he and other politicians also have been wrongly informed about how the Finnish police leadership is using its resources.

Today one can see 6 police cars at a pizza kiosk proving that the police leadership has not taken the Presidents words seriously ! Its a shame to have police search for so called grey crime of pizzas costing 5 Euro and under when our national security is at risk due to too little police able to assist the migrants who many have a militant background.

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It's high time that someone would kick the entire Finnish Police leadership for neglecting national security as a priority!

During the old days of President Kekkonen such a incredible waste of resources on small matters while leaving big matters like national security unchecked would have had dire consequences!  
We at SDR love the Finnish police but not the way the leadership has dragged it into absurdity!!!

Absurdity ?

Well yes that's what it is when you see 6 police cars surrounding a small Pizza kiosk selling pizzas for 5 Euro as it's now a priority to seek so called grey economy out by seeking pizzas under 5 Euro. Dear God almighty is there not any limit for the Finnish leaderships ignorance on eco crime?
And do we need 6 cars to look at a kiosk that would not require more than one patrol no matter what the crime is?
No we don't!

Finland let NOKIA be sold off to Microsoft  US without demanding back the government supported funds that had been given to Nokia for surviving in Finland!
After all, the Finnish tax payers did not pay this support to Nokia so it would be able to make it in the US !

As Nokia was paying 20% of the Finnish taxes, This payment now going to the US is squandering and a gravely criminal neglect of Government funding which is not being seen as a serious agenda in Finland! 

So where should the police be ? 
Well we have reported about the migrant crimes and terror and if the Finnish police were to be serious they should prepare now for what comes tomorrow!

We see what tomorrow will bring by observing where big crime is taking place in Germany where the Government is reporting openly about crime and not like in Sweden where they try to hide any foreigner and whitewash matters that are as dirty as the waters of the river Ganges in India.

The Finnish police appear to have no concept of the threat that's facing them from the expanded immigration.
First of all a friendly police force makes the normal citizen trust the police and that's a must have for the Finnish police if they wish to win the war on heavy organized crime that is about to take over Finland. If not today then Tomorrow for sure.

Germany at the time has Lebanese family clans taking over the drug trade and as well some Kurd and Albanian groups! They are without exception Muslims and all very family orientated.  We aren't talking about some small gray areas of pizza-making but about businesses that started on the streets but today have grown into large buildings and other enterprises that the men behind can't be caught!

First of all the groups are not afraid of authorities and the mother at one Lebanese group did see Jail this is as good as education and was not ashamed to say so to TV reporters. Her sons who are very famous in Germany are always moving from one point to another with many cars and at least 4- 8 people .

Why ? well because all police patrols move with only 2 police officers and so …when they get attacked by so many angry men the police has to run ….

This is not a joke as we all know it's not the US where the officer would shoot but Germany where the officer is NOT allowed to shoot. The same will be in Finland sooner than the police wishes for.

We are here including some videos from Germany without text in other languages and hope there is a kind Finnish policeman seeing these videos and alarming the leadership about what is about happen.

First video The Arab Family clans :

Arabische Familienclans bedrohen Berlin

The Mirri Clan

The Mirri clan

Imad Mirri

Criminal Family Clans terrorise Belin
Kriminelle Familienclans terrorisieren Berlin

Berlin foreign youth criminal gangs...
Berliner Ausländerkriminalität

Churches under attack in Muslim areas!
"Ich fick deinen Gott" - Terror gegen Kirchen in Duisburgs Moslemviertel

Turkish Tunisian and Bosnian (all Muslim) Youngsters attack a 78 year old !


Türkische Tunesische Bosnische Jungendliche schlagen 78 Jährige brutal zusammen..

35% of German Muslims have multiple wives, all funded by welfare!

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