Saturday, 24 October 2015

Finnish Red Cross reveals by mistake the truth regarding the ongoing mainly young Arab male migrants!

The following was posted in the news in Finland by the Red Cross
Asking for donations of cloths ...

Not only that but the Red Cross specifically points out only male cloths !

There are two options either the Red Cross does gender segregation or 
the authorities are letting a un-proportional amount of mainly males into EU.

Most pictures don't lie ....

There should be some difference between flooding us with young Arab men
and giving asylum to people who need political asylum!
To be looking for a better life is hardly a reason to get political asylum so
we ask you the reader why these job seekers are even considered for
political asylum especially that its a proven fact that many of the asylum seekers
are criminals and former militia men who have with great certainty killed
Christians and Yazidi civilians.

See the link here about what the chief of German police tells the public the truth!
That's something no one else does in neither Finland Sweden Norway or Denmark.
If you don't believe this then at least listen to Germany's whiff of police here:
Strategic Diplomatic Relations: Germany gives asylum to 

To SDR its shocking how the authorities can let people in to any EU
nation like this without giving it a thought why so many men only arrive.
We ask our readers: Is it not something that is odd ?
Or at least disturbing in it self?

See the Finnish Red Cross News cut here below.
(regretfully in Finnish only)


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