Monday, 5 October 2015

Germany faces the fact that they will have to feed 1.5 million asylum seekers this year.

The number of people seeking asylum in Germany this year will be as high as 1.5 million - almost double the previous estimate, German media outlets report.

The German government has not confirmed the new estimate, which comes from an internal official report cited by popular daily Bild.  The report warns that services helping refugees will not be able to cope.  Separately, a centre-right regional minister put the expected total at 1.2-1.5 million for this year.  The German government previously estimated the number of asylum claims this year to reach 800,000 to one million in total.

BBC writes mistakenly that ….
Many are refugees fleeing the wars in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, however there are also many economic migrants from the Balkans, Asia and Africa.

This is wrongly stated as first of all there is no war in Afghanistan, only the conflicts that are prevalent within the Islamic world. Secondly the claim that only some are economic refugees. The honest truth is that anyone who can afford to pay 12.000 Euro to get to EU has more money in the hand than most of our own workers and should not be considered seeking economic asylum, mocking the work our own people slave over.

Let's face it there are no wards in Africa but there are political refugees, however they are usually well schooled intellectuals as those less fortunate usually go into hiding locally. Furthermore most migrants are male and Muslims, another fact that has not been reported.
We at SDR have talked to Yazidi, Kurdi and Christians who all told us many Muslims claim to be from very dangerous places but when asked by genuine peoples, from for instance Konbane, then are unable to even answer which part of the city.

This is not immigration, but a Muslim Invasion of wishing to live for free in the west. In Finland at a refugee center the food was not deemed good enough and they begun to protest.  Additionally the voluntary helpers were demanded of by the so called persons in need; Give us the money!  SDR knows of at least one voluntary helper who walked out of the center, disgusted with what he was confronted with..

Police and media in the west has been silenced as media in Finland are unable to visit the asylum centers and media doesn’t report about the local protesters.
Whats worse is the crime they bring along….Friends at local police stations within various nations have all confirmed the rise of crime that the media and our Leaders try to cover up.

We at SDR think there is a tough difference between wanting a better life and running away from death… That said we support refugees of all religions and there should be a fair quota so we don’t get flooded by phony refugees who kill the Christians on the way to the EU, or fight with them at the refugee centers.

Political refugees are hardly the same as Immigrants.

So now comes the question that we must face.  Are we willing to take every refugee who can pay 12.000 to some criminal network that we deem illegal.Yes illegal!   
Entering EU by criminal help should be swiftly denied or we support the criminals and make it a blossoming trade as the leaders are allowing even now.

Mrs Merkel and her Swedish friends have no right to do as they please when EU is including other nations as well. 
Are there no considerations or rules that can stop Merkel and others like her from breaking EU laws and after breaking the laws, suggesting changes. It is no different than robbing a bank and after doing so, making it legal to rob a bank. The fact is that manipulation is manipulation, and should be seen as a crime and not a politically abused, ongoing process.

Our leaders must keep the laws otherwise then the laws have lost their legitimate function in western societies as has been demonstrated in the European Union.