Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Israeli terror update

Yesterday a IDF Soldier Seriously Wounded in Hebron Terror Attack

Though it seems that terror attacks are subsiding, the fact is that Israel faces numerous daily attempts by Palestinians to attack our soldiers and civilians throughout the country. 

On Monday morning, a Palestinian stabbed and seriously wounded an IDF soldier at a junction near Hebron.

The soldier managed to shoot the terrorist dead before collapsing.
The victim, 19, was treated on the scene by medics for stab wounds in his neck and head, and was evacuated to Shaare Zedek hospital in critical and unstable condition.

He was immediately entered into an operating room for life-saving surgery, where doctors stabilized his condition.
The soldier was part of the forces brought in to Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria to boot the security in in wake of the weeks-long wave of Palestinian terror attacks.
The terrorists was identified by Palestinian sources as Raed Jaradat, 22, from a village near the site of the attack.

Later on in the day, a Palestinian terrorist attacked a group of soldiers securing the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron. The terrorists hit one of the soldiers’ protective vests and caused no injury.

The terrorist was shot and critically wounded, and was evacuated by IDF medics to a hospital in Jerusalem. According to Palestinian sources, the terrorist is Yousef Mohamed Saed al-Atrash, 19.

SDR analysis:
Our independent research suggest  that these attacks where planned for at least two years in advance. Proof are the following images that where where taken by the Israeli police of a smuggled arms shipment of knives and stun guns and swords 2014. Here is no  coincidence only confirmation of suspicion.....

The sum of Palestinian activities for for a sustainable peace:
Israelis have been under attack since September with the horrible outcome of 778 terror attacks!
Since the beginning of 2015, there have been 1,703 terror attacks against Israelis, nearly half of which were committed since the Jewish New Year in September.
The wave of Arab terror throughout Israel has intensified over the past month, with more than half of the number of attacks against Israelis since the beginning of 2015 – 778 out of 1,703 – launched since the Jewish New Year in September.
Since Rosh Hashana, Arab terrorists claimed the lives of 11 civilians and injured more than 100 civilians and soldiers, some critically.

Despite the alarming increase in violence – not only in Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria, but throughout the country – the High Court of Justice in Jerusalem last Thursday issued an injunction temporarily freezing the demolition of the homes of the families of six terrorists who murdered Israelis.

On October 1, terrorists killed Na’ama and Eitam Henkin in a drive-by shooting in the presence of their four young children.  In June, terrorists shot Malachi Rosenfeld, 27, north of Jerusalem; he died shortly afterwards in a hospital. That same month, Danny Gonen, 25, was shot and killed by a terrorist near the community of Dolev in Samaria.

On Tuesday, the State of Israel submitted to the Court responses to nine petitions filed against the confiscation and demolition orders for the homes of the terrorists responsible, Israel National News reports.
“The above data indicates a significant change in circumstances and the escalating scope, intensity and level of murderous terrorism, that require knowing that political and security officials are taking measures to deter potential terrorists from carrying out attacks in general, and such as those that recently circulated, in particular,” the report said.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has stated that the demolition of homes is an effective way to deter violence attacks. “Our problem is the disconnect between the act and the consequences of the act,” Netanyahu said in response to the Court’s ruling. “Therefore, we want to minimize the time and I hope that the the High Court will make its decision as quickly as possible… If they decide, and usually they decide yes to demolish, it’s better to do so close to the incident, within a number of days rather than weeks or months.”

Minister of Immigrant Absorption Ze’ev Elkin urged the Court “not to drag its feet” on the issue, stressing that Israelis are “in the midst of a war against terrorism, and a democracy that doesn’t know how to defend itself cannot be victorious in such a war.”
“Preventing the next terrorist attack by destroying terrorists’ homes and creating deterrence is the order of the day, and it cannot be that the High Court jams sticks into the spokes of cabinet decisions,” he stated.
Families of the victims, shocked by the Court’s hesitation, filed their own petitions to the Court.

The World Leaders’ Shameful Silence in Response to Palestinian Terror

With Palestinian terror attacks being committed against innocent civilians throughout Israel, resulting in a large number of wounded and murdered Israelis, here is the incredible response we have seen from world leaders.
Years of Palestinian incitement has resulted in a brutal wave of terror that has gripped the people of Israel.
Despite this terror, the response from world leaders has been shocking. For the most part, it has been silence.
Unfortunately, responses by President Obama and from Secretary of State Kerry were, and continue to be, severely lacking in substance and draw moral equivalence between the two sides. Shame on them,
Could it not be said that those who enable terror are also responsible for that terror? It’s time for the silence to end. Shame on those world leaders who cannot find the courage to stand up for Israel.

See the video silence of the world leaders here


Meanwhile in Palestine....

Honestly we are very impressed by the peace initiative from the Palestinian side .....

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When the the western media reports of Palestinian throwing rocks at Israeli Jews you did not picture this!

We just report about the peace efforts ....however you be the judge and jury.