Sunday, 18 October 2015

Migrant phones reveal gruesome truth about the Arab migrants to EU!

A Hungarian counterterrorism investigation regarding the contents found on abandoned phones by migrants at the border to Serbia, shows a grim results!

Hungarian TV channel M1 did report on the Counter Terrorism Centre (TEK) on what they had received on Wednesday.

Anti Terrorist TEK´s director Mr  Horváth said that TEK’s task is to “filter out people, who could be connected to terrorism, and to find credible information as soon as possible”.
Mr. Horváth said that videos and documents stored on such devices can act as “a letter of recommendation” for “terrorist organizations,” as their holders can show “dreadful events they participated in”. 

Mr Horváth added that hundreds of thousands of “soldier-aged men keep appearing in Europe”, and these men have already “been involved in wars”.

All news channel M1 reported on Monday that “shocking” videos have been found on left-behind mobile phones of “immigrants”. 

The report added that “immigrants” at the Hungarian City of Röszke´s 
border towards Serbia left behind :

- Medicines...
- 200 euro notes...
- Meat cleavers and Knife.
- Mobile phones. 

The following video not to be viewed by most viewers (18+) 
This content is not to be shown to youth and  sensitive people !
You have been warned!

This video was found on a thrown away mobile phone of an Arab migrant!

Sources: TV channel M1, TEK,Budapest Business Journal, Betyarserg,  With thanks to MV for the story.