Thursday, 29 October 2015

Don't shop at Islamist supporting Walmart

A small group of six-thousand people have joined a social media campaign opposing Walmart after it pulled a pro-Israel Halloween costume from its website following pressure from Muslim activists.
As a result,  Walmart removed a children’s costume depicting an Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) soldier from its website late on Thursday due to pressure from activists who deemed it “offensive” and “problematic.”

We ask every reader, how can any nations uniform be offensive? 
We at SDR think that neither Russian or Saudi Arabian or other nations uniforms are offensive..
And that Walmart should consider if they from now on are willing to take a stand against a nation
and discriminate? 
Is it legal to call a nations Uniform offensive in the US publicly ?

The sickest thing here is that the US is trying to tell others in the world that they represent freedom
and are home of the free ...while they have all the time lawsuits against discrimination against Muslims
while no one get to stand a trial for antisemitism.

The most sickening part here in the story is that  Walmart continues to sell a keffiyeh head wrap that often has been used a symbol of violence and resistance against the Jewish state.

Walmart’s decision to remove the costume comes amid a surge in Palestinian terrorism that has killed several Israelis and wounded many more over the past several weeks. Pro-Palestinian activists have accused Israel of using too much force during the effort to protect civilians from the terrorist campaign.
“Israeli soldiers are heroes. They fight every day to protect innocents from terror,” the Israel Project wrote on its Facebook page. “But Walmart removed an Israeli army costume from their website. 
Why? They surrendered to a vicious hate campaign—a campaign to demonize Israel. 
If you support Israel, you must take action now.”

“Tell Walmart: Stand up against anti-Israel hate,” the petition states.

Walmart and other retailers have also removed a costume depicting an Arab individual with an exaggerated long nose.

Both that outfit and the IDF costume were removed after pro-Palestinian activists launched a pressure campaign online and elsewhere.

The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, an anti-Israel organization that has come under fire from human rights organizations, described the IDF outfit as “problematic” and claimed that the costume promotes “fear” and “violence.”

“The costumes are very problematic, and offensive to many people,” said Samer Khalaf, the committe’s president, in a statement. “The Israeli forces are responsible for the continued death and occupation of the Palestinian people. 

Such a symbol of fear, violence and a long history of dispossession should not be used for entertainment purposes.”

Omri Ceren, the group’s managing director, criticized Walmart for caving to pressure while continuing to sell other items that some might consider offensive.
“Palestinian and Arab terrorists have spent the last month stabbing Israelis and Americans in the streets,” Ceren said. “Walmart is choosing to feature terrorist costumes but deny Americans the ability to side with Israel. It’s disgraceful.”

Walmart did not respond to a request for comment on the issue.

US has gone from a western nation to something we cant recognise under Hussein Obama.
Yes US thats your leaders name!

There is a saying in Latin; "Nomen Est Omen." Freely translated as a name is a omen of what the person will become ....