Monday, 19 October 2015

Really ? Israel Must Return the Bodies of Terrorists to Their Families. Why ?

See here above “the family of a terrorist turns his funeral into a demonstration of support for terror and incitement to murder, and this cannot be allowed,” declared Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan, explaining his proposal,  approved by the security cabinet, not to return the bodies of terrorists to their families. SDR thinks that this must be the best ever anti terror measure invented!

Why should a dead terrorist after his deed have any rights we ask our selfs and you ?

There is no clearer expression of the sheer helplessness of Erdan and the government in the face of the string of murderous stabbing attacks against Israeli citizens.

Strangely this decision, opposed by Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, who described it as “trading in bodies,” is based on the inaccurate assumption that incitement is everything.
We at SDR can not agree as Israeli civilian activists  HAVE NOT attacked Arab Palestinians in their areas !

And we this that this ignores the reality: That Palestinian attacks and protests stem from despair and frustration, from the lack of a diplomatic horizon and from difficult experiences in Israeli jails or in confrontations with the Israel Defense Forces.  This sort of comment is based on bizarre logic which presumes that if the incitement would disappear, the residents of the occupied territories would be satisfied with their lot, bless every day of their lives under occupation, and suppress their desire for independence.....

to us at SDR It’s obvious that keeping the bodies in Israeli hands  wouldn't stop the families from erecting mourning tents, memorializing the dead as martyrs and as objects of admiration in the Palestinian community, but it would take away their pleasure of showing off a Martyr!
And that in it self would be one less motivation for many terrorist attack.

Haaretz writes that, the Palestinians don’t need funerals, ceremonies or speeches to revolt.
Maybe so but it sure would make make them less of a hero and on top loose their promised virgins if they where to be buried with a pigskin!

Haaretz writes further: The reality of their lives includes every element of “incitement” possible.
These range from the procedures at the checkpoints, the frequent arrests, the controls imposed on their exit from and entry to their hometowns and extends all the way to the extinction of any chance for diplomatic negotiations.....Its been seen before that the Arabs think that diplomatic rights and wished expose weakness and the only wish for diplomacy is when they need to get time out to stash up more arms and support....
If diplomacy was a wish then why is no Muslim nation accepting the existence of Israel?
Should not that be the basis of negotiation ?
Would the US discuss with a enemy who die their rights to exist ?
Hell no ! And so we at SDR thinks no less of Israel.

Its high time for Israel to show that being a terrorist doesn't pay off and if someone leaves to kill any Israelis then his or her dead body will be buried with a dead pig and why not also a dog and a torah and a bible ...

Its doesn't seem like much to us westerners but for a Palestinian Muslim such would take away his
rights to claim 72 virgins etc...And we think creating a high standing after death for them selfs and their family is part of this sickening attacks.

Haaretz writes further:  This decision must be retracted, but not just because of the flawed reasoning behind it. Israel is conducting a bloody, exhausting struggle against living Palestinians, but once they’ve been killed they no longer pose a threat.
Denying a Palestinian family the basic right to bury a child is nothing more than inappropriate, petty vindictiveness against those who cannot defend themselves; against parents who don’t always know or are responsible for what their children do, and against families who perhaps retroactively justify the attacks their children carried out, but would be far happier not to have to bury them.
We at SDR thinks its a poor excuse as if a kid is brought up not to hate Israelis they won't attack with intent to kill a innocent Israeli woman and child like we have seen is possible while onlookers have a Coke !!!!

Any attacker who is a terrosrist and who attacks just because of religious reasons should be taken
away the status of a Muslim Martyr without any debate or discussion.
Palestinian parents are many times supporting their kids to be shahid or as one tells in English to die for the cause of Islam and liberation of infidels.

Israel must acknowledge that all Israelis are seen as infidels and that the attacks will continue until the gain in Muslim heaven is taken away and its for that one ends a pig skin as it takes the persons
prestige away in heaven and what most westerners also don't now is that dogs are seen as unpure and a bible or Torah tex is something a Muslim would not touch with their hands as it would be seen as haram. A US arms maker has started to produce guns with bible texts so that Muslims won't use them
in case they get one from a Christian person.

Still Haaretz writes that the Israeli government will not gain any security benefit from this immoral move.It even
Haaretz even claims that it puts Israel on the same plane as Hezbollah and Hamas, which trade in dead bodies to reap political or military gains.
Haaretz continues;  In Israel’s case, this decision will boomerang. It will simply be another accusation added to the same “incitement” the decision was meant to quell. This decision should be reversed immediately if Israel wants to maintain its humanity in its war on terrorism.

Netanyahu has asked Kerry to help negotiate peace and thats something he has not replied upon to Netanyahu. And the demands upon Israel is just getting more while Israel is accuse each day for just protecting it self.

SDR thinks that the least the Israelis can do is not to help Palestinians to instigate hate and to minimalist their pride in any attack.
Lists not remember that honour plays a very big role for Muslims who commit honour killings even killing sisters and mothers for even looking towards a man.
Now thats low and if Obama and kerry wants such friends then Israel has no alternative as to wait for a better US leadership and to do what ever it takes for now to not make terror and intimidation get the upper hand.

Here below is a old US video showing the power of pig on Muslim fanatics