Thursday, 15 October 2015

Shame on Palestinians leader Abbas lying indiscriminetly

Imagine a 13 year old trying to murder another kind because of his race and religion?

Its not a imagination but the truth, we just ask what sort of parents grow up a kid to such?
Well it is what Palestinian kids are grown up to do just like some trained fighter dogs they 
just attack without contemplating if its right or wrong.

Its sad but its a growing fact that we all sadly will have to face up to.

Even Palestinian children TV shows bombard the kids that killing Jews is a duty .
They don't learn or understand why mostly and that's sickening as the shows are not even hidden
from UN and other humanitarian organisations who decide to not say anything ???
It did matter to them when it was apartheid or in Africa but how comes they don't react now 
that Arabs do the same very openly, we ask?
Teaching children to be racists and to kill is a crime against humanity and should be take serious by the UN!


Culture of Hate - the Palestinian Incitement Kills

The two sides of the coin seen here:
This is the Palestinian 13 year boy which  stabbed almost to death a 13 year old Israeli boy while he was driving his bicycles to the candy store. The Israeli boy is still in grave condition after several surgeries. 
Not only that Abbas and the entire Palestinian and Arab media in the Middle East claimed that Israeli security forces killed him. This while you can see him here recovering treatment in a ISRAELI hospital !
The Palestinian boy seen in the picture was operated too at the Israeli hospital and is now about to be released to his home. 

Why do the Palestinians lie when the truth can be seen by anyone?
Does Palestinian Muslims think we are idiots ? It seems so !
We say this as: The Palestinian boys father said said on public TV that there is no way his 13 year old boy could carry a knife. 
Once again we see a Palestinian Muslim lying his worst to the media while being the cause for this town tragedy!
The father should know that we all have seen  TV the clip last night showing by hidden cameras the Palestinian boy was chasing the Israeli boy with a big knife in his hand on his on his way to stab the unarmed Israeli boy. 

Mr Abbas is a liar and should recognize that we all know that the Israeli security did not kill the Palestinian boy but that he was actually hospitalized in an Israeli hospital, operated and his life saved ! This should make him face that he looks like a lying and manipulating aggressor!
Israel doesn't make big number of this, but its time we all including the western media see it as it is.
The Israelis are westerners and that said they act with what we all call a humanitarian nature .

The Israeli security forces shot and wounded him only "avoiding to kill"  in effort to save the life of the Israeli boy that he was stabbing .....

The following is how the Palestinian leadership is promoting the even the youth of Palestine to attack Israelis.Should not UN condemn a rule that promote kids to take active part in a a armed conflict?  If UN condemns child soldiers why doesn't they condemn the Palestinians schooling their kids to kill ?

As a matter of fact the Palestinian kids don't get to know at school that Israel is a legal nation!
Just that it has been taken away from them falsifying reality in a very twisted way.
They naturally don't get to hear the most important fact that Jesus was a Jew and that the Muslim religion did not even exist during his time! 
In other words there was no Muslims while there was a Jewish rule in Palestine. 

Spreading hate
The news portal, which belongs to Hamas, posted an image on its Facebook page showing a youth holding a knife and walking towards two religious Jews standing at a Jerusalem bus station. The image features the "Knife Intifada" hashtag.
See the picture of a young boy with a knife here. 

Where is UN´s Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon now ? 
When Muslim kids are pushed to kill unarmed orthodox Jews who don't even take part in any army (picture above) it would be appropriate of the west to step up against shooting kids this sort of blind hate. 

Sadly UN´s Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon goes into hiding he has all alone managed to drag UN into a pile of dirt in recent years looking the other way instead of helping the needy regardless of race or religion. 

We would like to point out that the UN Secretary general shouts kill if a Israel does anything however he stays very quiet when Hamas Fighters are marrying children. There is no excuse as he has  entire UN group named UNRWA helping only Palestinians and naturally they must know what happens next to their own schools.

 UN Secretary general visiting a girl school in the Palestinian  areas

Palestinian leaders get public support  by Egyptian state controlled TV!
How would anyone of you you like it if your nations neighbour  would help to instigate terror and risk national security ? This is to us almost like a open declaration of war as Egypt is under extreme media censorship!

At last the spreading of false data to the public by MEM.  (The Middle East Monitor)
The most comical here is how they claim to know the ages of the Palestinians as well as the
amount arrest etc. Palestine has no governmental control over births, in other words just like most other Arab nations there is no official birth certificate. 
This fact alone makes the establishing of ages a almost impossible matter especially that may of the youths don't have a valid passport. 

And even if they have the age might not be what it tells .....

Isn't it strange that a place ruled by two separate armed forces and without a common data basis can give out exact figures ...This question answers it self naturally. 

Whats comical is the claim to know how many are arrested and how many where minors. 
Sweden is full of Palestinians and other Arabs claiming to be 14 or 16 years old while having beards ...This takes place as age of refugees checking is prohibited in Sweden however pictures tell us that the Arabs change the age as they please if given the possibility.
In other words MEM statistics are as true as thousand and one night.

See the report here:

Truth must prevail if humanity is to survive 

Written by Jack A and Mike H exclusively for SDR.