Monday, 19 October 2015

Some Americans don't like Obamas islamification and for us to give up our own culture and future!

There is a US resistance against Mr. Obama´s love for Islam and Obama for spending like there is no tomorrow while running way from matters when the realities hit in.

Fact is that neither US nor Israelis or common Europeans want to give up their rights for their
own culture. no matter how you try Mr Obama all that is left is you and your Muslims friends 
wanting us to say Happy Holidays when it is Merry Christmas or Happy Yom - Kippur!
We don't give up our culture just because you are brought us as a Muslim!
This is not up for discussion but a fact!

And for those of you telling this is racist we say take a good  look at the people telling it 
as they are diverse as America and Europe and Asia is.

Obama sending 200 millions to the Palestinians  while 
pretending he has nothing to do with it ....

Written by MH for SDR