Friday, 23 October 2015

The latest migration route is via Russia to Norway avoiding the Mediterranean sea

Unbelievable but true  now hundreds of migrants have cycled into Norway from Russia.
Thy do so after finding a new route into Europe that avoids the deadly Mediterranean crossing. 
They are not allowed to cross the Arctic border on foot, so a lucrative trade in bicycles has opened up, with migrants buying bikes and pedalling the final few metres.
There is an increasing number of migrants travelling overland into Russia and then north into the Arctic Circle to the point where the borders meet. In the whole of 2014 just seven asylum seekers crossed over the Storskog border crossing. In October alone there have been 1,100. Some are from Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon but most are from Syria.
They need a bicycle because the Russian authorities don't let people cross the Russian border on foot. Under Norwegian law, it is illegal for a driver to carry people into the country without the proper papers.
The bike cost  $200 (£130) in Murmansk, the the price includes the taxi ride up to border crossing point , what refugees describes as a "package deal". 
It's then that they made his one and only journey on his new purchase, cycling just 120m (130 yards) across the no-man's land between Russia and Norway.

All the asylum seekers are temporarily housed in the small nearby town of Kirkenes, which is hastily having to build a new reception centre to accommodate 500 more people. The authorities take them from the border to the town by bus, so the bicycles get left behind at the border.

Most bikes were made for children. A hundred or so are neatly stacked against the back wall of the border police's customs office, and these are just the bikes that have been collected over the past two days. Many are brand new. There's not a speck of rust on the chrome handle bars. Some still have protective bubble wrap on the frames, presumably from the factory where they were made, to stop them getting scratched.

There's something slightly idiotic about seeing men on bicycles that are way too small for them.
Once they pass a red and green striped marker post, they are officially out of Russia. 
Freewheeling for a few more feet past the yellow barrier, they make it into western Europe.

A reporter observed a young family appears, laden with luggage and carrying a baby. Exceptions can be made to the "no walking rule", it appears, as both the mother and father are on foot. Presumably their precious cargo gives them special dispensation. However, each of them is also wheeling a bicycle with their free hand, so presumably this makes them cyclists and not pedestrians in the eyes of the law.

The reality is right now none of them care how absurd the rules are, nor how strange this looks.
The authorities in Norway  believe the numbers coming over can only grow due to this easy way toe get into Norway that by the way does NOT belong to EU.

However taking a look at the map Sweden is the neighbour of Norway and they most likely don't have much border control. besides that Sweden is the most easy nation to get asylum today as they are the only NATO in Europe that has changed its constitution to be Multi Cultural.
So any Swedish nationalist my have pasta dreadlocks maybe soon Sweden's national dish will be Kebab?

For the rest go us living next to Sweden its hell as we certainly don't want more Arabs who mostly arrive from nations that are not considered conflict zones or zones of war.  
SDR thinks that this is abuse of asylum laws by Sweden and other EU nations a the idea of asylum laws was to are helping hand for people who suffer abuse etc just like the Christians all over the ME.
Right now as there is a genocide going on that the western media refuses to call genocide.
Because that's what it is!
The so called migrants we see here are most of them not from any conflict zone and should not get 
asylum as they are job seekers.
Doesn't EU have rules for job seekers ? Yes they do!
Why does the customs officers not act according to the laws and tell immigrants that are without papers that we cant establish if they are asylum seeker status that easy if they don't have documents.
People who have asked for political asylum and who are just seeking free social benefits should be returned and NOT given immigrant status.

We might need immigrants... 
But we need honest immigrants who have a professional some trade and have education and who are not former ISIS or sadistic militia men etc...
We at SDR have recently reported on the phones that so called migrants have thrown away at the Hungarian and other borders containing horrific videos and pictures of torture and beheading ..
The law should be the same for everyone but it isn't not as the ones in big need are still slaves held by Muslims or have been raped or tortured.
We ask are not the victims the ones we should help?
Why is that so hard for our leaders to understand?
Its time that the EU and US give green light for cultural and religious profiling as its no less than the biometric data, that the US is demanding from many of the north European Nordic nations!
Where is this world going if we cant be correct to all equally?
In other words I need to give all my tax and health records to a border officer to see while a Muslim can deny DNA testing and demands to get refugee status anywhere.
Its not fair and should be recognized as a failing in he name of "so called politically correct " behaviour.
We naturally wish for the best, put prepare for the worst, as nothing is happening.

Trust should be earned and not be given to everyone who demands it!