Sunday, 25 October 2015

The ultimate reality check on the Palestinian Attacks on Israel by Brooke Goldstein on Fox news.

(Brooke Goldstein w/Megyn Kelly; "Palestinian" Terrorism; Israel; 10-14-2015)

Fantastic Brooke Goldstein of the Lawfare Project joins Fox News Channel's Megyn Kelly 
for The Kelly File. They discuss the recent wave of "Palestinian"/Islamic terrorist attacks 
in Israel; Not only does Brooke explain patiently with all possible logic why its mostly 
stabbings of Jews in and around Jerusalem and also asks why Obama and Kerry don't condemn when Palestinian leaders openly in the media encourages murder of non 
Muslims and even encourages the killing of women and children! 

Its truly the that everyone stands up against people who deny human rights to Israelis.
This is a religious war not from us in the west but by the Islamic nations and their leaders 
very openly all over the world. Some have the name ISIS and some have a name called 
Hamas ...or Hezbollah!
Its all the same hate against race and religion!
That's why we see Muslims killing Christians in Sudan Pakistan Syria Iraq and more.
Yazidi's and Jews and Christians need to stand up and say no to this unacceptable violence
we are forced to see and accept in the name of politically so called correct!
Holy Moses is it not possible that Obama is a racist by letting this incitement continue ?
He is also steering the UN and UNESCO into a la la land reality where only Muslims
where only Muslims have rights ...
The most obvious mentally deranged ideas have recently been to accept Muslims to claim
the rights for Christian and Jewish holy places like the wailing wall in Israel.
Its insane to say that such a place could ever be Muslim!
If this doesn't stop soon we will see Muslims claiming the right for the correct version
regarding Jesus which they actually do claim already ....

This is a religious war on us and our way of life and our heritage, this cant be denied
even if we don't attack them they do exterminate and enslave and torture all Christians 
Yazidi's and Kurd´s day after day commencing their Genocide plan against all so called
infidels.  Wake up UN and UNESCO we cant let the world become a day place for evil
to rule against move and peace.

Its not a dream but a political fact and reality!

Both PM Netanyahu and Chancellor Merkel said the key to end Palestinian terror 
attacks in Israel is for the Palestinian leadership to immediately cease 
anti-Israel incitement.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu very recently did meet with German Chancellor 
Angela Merkel in Berlin. 
The agenda was to discuss the wave of Palestinian terror attacks Israel has been experiencing 
in the past weeks, during a state visit that coincided with events marking 50 years of 
diplomatic relations between the two countries.

“I come to Berlin at a difficult time,” Netanyahu said at a joint press conference with Merkel, 
pointing to some 40 terrorist attacks, “in which Palestinian terrorists have tried to murder I
sraelis with knives, with axes, with guns, even with cars.” Netanyahu pointed out that the 
terrorists’ objective was clear and simple: “to destroy the State of Israel altogether,” and 
therefore they kill Jews, not because of frustration or the peace process, as some would like 
to claim.
The Israeli PM Netanyahu  pointed logically to the Palestinian leadership’s incitement and lies 
as the root of the problem, again accusing Palestinian Authority (PA) head Mahmoud Abbas 
of joining forces with Islamic terror elements…..