Tuesday, 20 October 2015

US: Multi Culture Traitor Sears

Robert Spencer writes on jihad Watch:
Islamic supremacist Imraan Siddiqi complained to Sears about the hats, and it was apparently his complaint alone that was enough for them to remove the hats from sale. After he succeeded in strong-arming Sears into removing the hats, he screamed “Allahu akbar”:

Imraan Siddiqi

Imraan Siddiqi armed
Imraan Siddiqi Sears

This incident, is a good example of how Islamic supremacists such as Siddiqi and the mainstream media stigmatize resistance to jihad, trying to make people think there is something wrong with standing against jihad terror. 

Krueger’s lead paragraph comes straight from Siddiqi’s Twitter feed, and picks up his attempts to smear and demonize resistance to jihad terror: Krueger slavishly takes from Siddiqi the reference to “fringe websites” (which she artfully renders as “sketchy anti-Islamic sites”), along with the nasty and unfounded insinuation that this hat would only find favor among those who attend “armed mosque protests.” 

Siddiqi and Krueger want you to know that no decent person would be caught wearing this hat, which the Hamas-linked terror organization the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), also following Siddiqi, flagged as “Islamophobic” in its daily mailing.

But what, exactly, is so wrong with a hat that says kafir, “infidel” in Arabic? In his 2002 letter to America, Osama bin Laden declared, “The first thing we are calling you to is Islam.” In that sentence and in his entire letter he delineated the global conflict as between those of Islamic faith and those without it, i.e., infidels. It was, therefore, entirely reasonable and understandable for those who defy Osama and others like him, and who will never submit to Islam, to adopt the name “infidel,” much as other groups have proudly adopted terms of derision used of them by their opponents (“queer,” etc.).

But in her sloppily edited piece, Krueger informs us that the Islamic Society of North America, to which she gives the acronym “ISBA” (Borth America?), and which she doesn’t bother telling us has admitted links to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, says that “infidel is not a correct translation for Karif.” Karif? That’s kaffir, infidel. How Islamophobic of Krueger to get the word wrong. Writes Robert Spencer...while we at SDR would like to tell them:

Who the hell is that stupid as to fall for some idiotic game like this by answering to how a word
is or is not ..Its of no offence to anyone to write or misspell as the attackers seem to think.
Sears should not answer as long as there are no laws on how to spell Muhammed Mohammad and Muhamiad, Muhammad, or Muhemmad...they should just shut up!
We all are so tired of Muslims constant demanding from non Muslims.

To SDR there is only one way to say this and that is :
If you don't like US and EU the way it is go to Saudi Arabia and see if you can demand there
from the locals anything ! Because they won't take any non Wahhabi  demands ever.
Thats gods honest truth, and its not racist as the Saudi Arabians never have been accused of racism at UN or by Muslims publicly in the US or EU!

Robert Spencer also writes lengthly about many details that are not keeping the matter simple.
It should be a matter of freedom of speech, and misspelling if one wishes to add that....
But in any case, the “ISBA” says: “Islam does not consider people of other faiths as ‘infidels,’ and does not advocate violence against them.” 
SDR thinks that the Internet is full of Muslims showing else what all over the world and the ones who claim this are a absolute minority! 
Cant anyone in America count whats obvious ?
This is becoming intimidation's based on invented realities at best.
This is a typical matter that should be taken to court and that would put the Islamist supremacist radicals back in place !  If we give in now they will demand ore tomorrow on even less realistic grounds...

So why did Sears cave so readily? Because Sears doesn’t know or care about any of this. 
Sears just wants to make money. 

Sears doesn’t want to have a big controversy, and denunciations of racism, and boycotts, and all the rest of it that Siddiqi and his sinister ilk can make happen. It knows that Islamic supremacists carry weight with the media that the defenders of freedom cannot muster. And so, predictably, it threw in its lot with its bottom line.

“Sears Says It Will Stop Selling Arabic ‘INFIDEL’ Hats,” by Katherine Krueger, Talking Points Memo, October 19, 2015:

Here some videos on the word Kaffir or Kuffr as the Arabs pronounce it.
Its an old word which was used by Arab Muslim slave traders Arica !
That's how we in the west got to know this word at all.
For instance in former Apartheid South Africa the same word was used to describe Africans and that was also a direct influence directly from Muslim slave traders who brought this word along to Africa!
What many of you don't know is that the reason why there is no African Arab minorities in the Arab nations is because the Muslim Arabs generally did castrate the slaves ....This fact can be seen in many various history books and also be read in man Islamic writings.
This is proven by the fact that some still today call them selfs Kaffir because of this horrible Muslim slave trade, this minority lives on Muslim Island Sri Lanka.

This video is by Bill WarnerPhD  from the Center for Study of Political Islam.

And now to a video that we strongly advice someone sends to Sears as its made  by a UK proud Muslim who tells that the word Kuffir is used by God him self to describe Christian and Jewish disbelievers! In other words lets just face it there is more than enough proof that its not defaming anyone if someone wishes to call himself a Muslim disbeliever.


The Muslim Response To Islamophobes Who Dont Like The Word Kaffir!

The entire idea is to make Sears loose money. 
Please feel free to distribute the list to anyone you wish 
so that Sears won't do such a mistake again.
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At last but not least we at SDR wishes to thank Robert Spencer for bringing this to the public attention. 
Its a fight for equal rights where only a united coalition against evil Islamic supremacist´s can survive.