Saturday, 14 November 2015

Muslims want a respect they don't give to others...

Time after time day after day we see defaming Arab cartoons against Israel, Jews Christians and US. We hope this little reality check will fee your mind of any illation that the Muslims are victims while
repeating others ....

First the general idea regarding whats fair in the eyes of Muslims.

And then the cartoons made by Muslims about us in the west and Israel.
Letts not forget that all Islamic nations media is State Censored !
In Other words any of the pictures you see here below have been approved 
by the Islamic Governed that usually get into a hate frenzy if some westerner
happen to draw something what muslims think is defaming their culture 
or honour!

Our question to you is: Does the pictures here below show any respect towards 
US and the west or Israel or UN ?

This while both EU and UN pay for Islamic migrants all over the world and while
and while US is not calling anyone a terrorist but a militant and has started to 
use the name Happy Holidays instead of Marry Christmas and more,  just to 
comfort Muslims. While you look at the pictures below does out look like we get
even a little respect back from Islamic nations?

Here the latest news by any news providers that show you how much Muslims 
give us in return for helping millions of Muslims refugees and supporting many 
nations like Palestine with money ...Yes we say Palestinian State as Denmark Finland
and a few other nations already have approved them to be a state even if they don't 
remotely have what it takes to be one Like: One leader and one army and one police
force and so one ....Palestine is simply not behaving legally or acting legally as a state.
Even punishments are different in the Hamas held areas and Fatah held areas....

Its time for all of us to reconsider if this isn't just a one way respect and if it would be 
tome to reclaim some of the repeat given with our anything what ever in return.

SDR just report but you will ultimately be the judge and the jury