Thursday, 19 November 2015

Palestinian style of stabbing has arrived in France

Just a few days after the lastest attack that killed almost 130 persons a new attack  well planned attack has taken place in Paris by why ? Naturally Muslims. Who else stabs Jewish people almost on a daily basis.

This attack has taken place as its obvious that now only a few days after the last attack the media has almost stopped to report and so the Islamists see that if they attack again it won’t make any big headlines. 

Well sadly they are right! 

A Jewish history teacher has been stabbed on a street in the southern French city of Marseille by three men who professed their support for ISIS.

The men, who were riding on two scooters, with one wearing an ISIS T-shirt, approached the teacher, named tonight as Tziyon Saadon.   The 57-year-old victim, who was wearing a kippa, was attacked outside his home, a short distance from the school and synagogue complex, a source close to the investigation said. 

The attackers showed him a picture on their mobile phones of Mohamed Merah, a homegrown Islamist militant who killed seven people in a series of attacks in southern France in 2012, including three schoolchildren.  

Mr Saadon, named by the Jerusalem Post, was then stabbed in the arm and leg but his condition is not said to be life threatening. He was taken to hospital as officers fanned out across the district to search of the attackers, who fled when a police patrol arrived in the area.

Marseilles prosecutor Brice Robin said: 'The three people insulted, threatened and then stabbed their victim in the arm and leg. 'They were interrupted by the arrival of a car and fled.' Police prefect Laurent Nunez said large numbers of officers were now combing the area for the attackers.  The UEJF Jewish students' union condemned the attack in a statement and urged police to use all means to catch the assailants.

It said that the victim, a history and geography teacher, had received three knife wounds.
While Michele Teboul, the regional president of the Jewish representative group CRIF, said: 'I'm very shocked. because this is the second incident of its kind in a very short time,' adding she was 'worried' about the threat of further attacks.

The attack came several weeks after a knife attack on a rabbi in the city, France's second biggest.
The stabbing comes as France is on heightened alert following the Islamist attacks that killed 129 people in Paris at the weekend. The terror attacks, which were claimed by the ISIS jihadist group, were the worst in French history

Parliament is due to begin debating a three-month extension of the state of emergency declared over the violence.

French Muslims meanwhile fear blow back from the attacks.
SDR wonders why ? 
The only ones having a Jihad here are the Muslims them self's.
One day soon.... if the government doesn't do something this might change because there is a limit on anything and the Muslims attacks have by now used up almost all the goodwill there is from the normal people of Europe.

Its high time that the EU leaders address this matter and stop hiding behind their own invented politically correct that has no substance in the real world.
The Citizens wishes actions against islamic terror and not lip service.
What does it take for the leaders to admit that it is to expensive in todays world not to do cultural profiling. Buddhists won't mind Hindus int mind Christians and Jews won't mind if it saves them tax dollars the only ones always to protest are the ones who do the bad.

So now we all just wait for the politicians to be smart and wake up!
Because if not,....this will have consequences eventually,this as the patience of citizens has grown thin and eventually they might take laws in their own hand.

This no one wishes for!

However its up to the Muslim communities to stop teaching that Jews are pigs and that Christian women dress like sluts and that Israel is not a nation etc , because it contradicts what the local people think.

Fact remains. No one wishes for peace more than the victims.