Friday, 6 November 2015

Palestinian Territories Special: Improvised Rifles and Submachine Guns


Between 1999 and 2014, Many Palestinian Resistance groups have designed 
dozens homemade Rifles and Submachine Guns wrote to help in their battles 
against Israel. This film is intended as a anti Israeli glorification showing off
some rather "crude weapons"... What this video doesn't tell is that the 
mainly rather rich terrorist groups leaders live in Turkey or other Islamic nations 
traveling and living n luxury while the people in the Palestine areas don't see much 
of so called humanitarian help ...

Its no surprise that with this sort of leadership these areas have the largest amount
of voluntary fighters joining ISIS.
It doesn't take too much of brains to count out the effect of this tendency....

Helsinki Think Tank tells us its a very likely that this fighter influx by Palestinians
to join ISIS will have a direct impact on the political infrastructure in the near future.
In other words more radical towards the own population and as well Israel.

Not to take this into consideration would be a big misstake tells us 
Helsinki Think Tanks Chairman Mike Hulden.