Monday, 16 November 2015

Paris massacre: Two of the attackers entered Europe via Greece by posing as refugees!

Which government in EU can now deny the obvious? EU is letting in ISIS sympathisers or members in to  Europe in masses.The results are seen more and more...

On top of this some secret police agencies like for instance Finland Supo has declared that there is is no specific danger and as a result there is no need for new security threat ranking.  weak them ....Really?  This is a nation where the  honest President has declared that there are not enough resources  to check all the incoming.  With this sort of knowledge how can any security agency claim that the native citizens are remotely safe, and that treat ranking is remotely the same as a year ago?
We ask once again ...Really?

Fact is that as long as some small nations Security Police forces pride take over common sense is disturbing.  Finland is not the only nations with a Secret police running away rather than standing tall and securing a the perimeters entrusted on them.

As a matter of fact the entire EU leadership has failed when it comes to security. SDR does criticise the security leaders only because all the nations concerned in  EU and US have utterly capable workers who mostly are numbed by politically directed nominations of their bosses.

The same happens with diplomatic leadership nominations many times. No wonder ISIS can enter any EU nation and recruit day in and day out freely. And that is what we see here and now in Europe we are sad to announce.

Even after this and a million other proofs the secret services and law enforcement agencies lack understanding and know-how regarding how to deal with this. 

A very scary fact remains that no real solution has been presented since the last Paris attack and whats worse....No one is actually shocked any longer.

What did the entire EU do until now ?
Answer: Get used to a invasion of mainly Muslim young males and  attacks by Muslims radical or not...

So now, as a direct result caused by EU leaderships lack of ability t act we have terror ! This time invited by Mrs Merkel and other European politicians like Sweden’s leadership.

Two of the Jihadists sneaked into Europe via Greece by posing as refugees and being rescued from a sinking migrant boat, and survivors say one of the attackers was a WOMAN,”. No picture has been given to the press we are sad dos say as that could help to find her, or at least give her hard times to move on a street in Europe.
As its now we can only assume that the different nations customs and border officials haven't received more than the press reports right now.  Lets face it EU without customs is at best a "dead duck " when it comes to security.
Free passage between nations is what made the attack in paris possible in the first place.

After 3 days of all EU law enfacements doing their best only two pictures have been released to the public.....

This is the face of one of the Paris killers who allegedly sneaked into France by posing as a refugee after being rescued from a sinking migrant boat as it emerged a woman and three brothers may have been part of the eight-strong ISIS kamikaze terror squad.

Serbian media claims Ahmed Almuhamed, 25, whose Syrian passport was found on the body of a suicide bomber, allegedly blew himself up at the Bataclan concert hall, where at least 89 people were slaughtered on Friday.

The newspaper, Blic, claims Almuhamed arrived with another of the bombers in Europe on the Greek island of Leros on October 3 on his way to Paris. Greek website Protothema have published ferry tickets showing the name of a second man, Mohammed Almuhamed, who could be a relation. 

French police are hunting 26-year-old Salah Abdeslam, from Brussels, who is accused of renting a Volkswagen Polo used by the suicide bombers who killed 89 people at the Bataclan music venue on Friday.

It emerged on Sunday night that French detectives questioned Abdeslam as he crossed the Belgian border and let him go after he showed them his ID card.

Detectives soon realised heir blunder when they discovered that Abdeslam had rented a hire car abandoned near the scene of the massacre inside the Bataclan theatre. 
However, by the time they alerted Belgian authorities, the jihadi had abandoned the car in the jihadi stronghold of Molenbeek, Brussels and disappeared. 
His brother Ibrahim is believed to have blown himself up during the Paris siege and a third sibling, Mohamed, has been arrested in the Belgian capital.

An official told the Washington Post another of the shooters was Bilal Hadfi, who was from Belgium and had spent time fighting with ISIS in Syria, who also died after detonating his suicide vest during a murderous rampage.

One of the attackers has been named locally as homegrown terrorist Omar IsmaĆ«l Mostefai , 29, from Courcouronnes, Paris. 

The petty criminal was known to police as a radical and identified by the fingerprint on a severed digit found after he detonated his suicide belt. 

Investigators are now investigating claims that he went to Syria last year, and may have spent time training with ISIS terrorists. 

SDR wishes to thank two "nameless" friends for the information regarding Finland