Friday, 27 November 2015

Saudi Arabia: Fingerprints mandatory for citizens

Finally technology in the hands of officials in the Gulf has not only the motive to censor and spy on citizen but also to control their every move. Non sanctioned militant activities will be driven elsewhere rather fast after this.....

In other words the Saudi Authorities will be able to keep an eye on its citizen's  in a entirely new way and allso will be able to do statistical research as as well as issue biometric passports in the same way they do in North EU like Finland and Sweden .....

US started to issued biometric data passports as late as since 2007.
In other words Saudi Arabia is taking a big step ahead of its neighbours and other Islamic nations.

The General Directorate of Passports has announced that fingerprints are mandatory for Saudis to acquire or renew passports and national identity cards, a local publication reported Wednesday. 
The rule will apply to both male and female nationals aged 15 years and above, a spokesperson of the directorate was quoted as saying by the newspaper.

The Passport Department also urged citizens to take advantage of the Absher online service for work related to passports and national identity cards.

Citizens can either go to the Passport Department office and collect newly issued passports or they can have their passports delivered to them through post.

The decision on fingerprinting has been hailed by citizens as “vital for the security of nationals as well as the country.” 

Basim Al-Jassim, public relation officer and marketing manager at Batterjee Medical College, said: “We welcome the announcement in view of the prevailing situation in the world. 
Saudis should cooperate with the Passport Department and government for their own security and that of the nation,” he said.
Nagi Bataish, poet and community leader, said: “I fully endorse the decision of the government and the Passport Department to implement this rule. All countries in the world are taking such measures for peace and security.” 

Faisal Shukani, a government employee, said the rule should have been introduced long ago. 

“It will help in identifying people who might be involved in accidents or disasters.”

SDR congratulates the Kingdom and wishes that it becomes a role model for other Islamic States in the region. And maybe after 500 years or more this biometric registration will arrive in Palestine. This as they cant even control them selfs who leads the nation and which is the official police or army...