Sunday, 8 November 2015

SDR reality check: The Palestinians leadership don’t want peace

US and EU blame both Israelis and Palestinians for the ongoing so called escalations….

Fact´s however prove that nothing is broadcasted in Israel to incite civilians to kill Palestinian Muslims because they are pigs or less than human. This it sure can be seen day in and day out by Palestinian leaders and media citing the martyrs and renaming streets after knife attackers and making big shows about what heroes they are for attacking over 80 year old´s and 13 year old´s or toddlers with their mothers. Is nothing holy for the Palestinian leaderships hunger for killing of innocent civilians?
Israeli statistics show: There is now an average of estimated 4 stabbings a day by Palestinians in recent month....

Fact is that observers of Palestinian media like SDR are flooded by every day videos and news from and by Palestinians encouraging violence by men women and children alike to target any Jew,  if the attacked Jew is not Israeli doesn’t matter, proving the Palestinians encouraging genocide of Jews rather than some attacks on Israel.

Israelis don't try to change Muslims but dear reader lets be honest. How many times a day of we get to see Muslims demanding from us not to joke about this or that or write this or that while we westerners don't ask Muslims for anything ?

Palestinian leader Abbas demanding and demanding but giving nothing...

The following picture Gaza shows the travesty of how absurd this matter has become
Is this not the text that Israelis should write ?

We at SDR wonder what makes the western media so blind and so cowardly when it comes to antisemitism? Its here its obvious and its not getting less.
How stupid must US secretary Kerry be not to even see the new made by the Palestinian side ? 

Now to the reality check…
This is what the Palestinian side sadly feeds their TV Viewers inciting a deep hate against Jews and a total denial of the legal existence of the state of Israel.

The song "I come out to you, my enemy, from every home, neighborhood and street" was posted by Abbas' Fatah movement on its Facebook page already in November last year, only a few days after terrorists murdered 5 Israelis in a synagogue with butchers' knives and guns as documented by Palestinian Media Watch. As reported in the PA daily, that song is very popular at the moment, along with other "national songs." The lyrics of the popular song include the following call to butcher "the enemy": 


Fatah-run TV broadcasts song famous for motivating Palestinians to engage in intifada against Israel

“Where are the millions?‎
Where is the Arab people?‎
Where is the Arab rage?‎
Where is the Arab blood?‎
Where is the Arab honor?‎
Where are the millions? Where?‎
People lie in comfortable beds while millions suffer
In my chest is a [whole] gun magazine, where are you, my brothers?‎
The revolution [needs] men, it is not bought with money
The revolution of a people holding rocks against fleets
‎[They] sacrificed from young to old, out of obligation and not as a kindness...‎
Allah is with us. He is stronger and greater than the Children of Zion
Even if they hang, kill and bury [me], my land will not be humilated
My red blood will water the green with the flavor of lemon
The fire of revolution is getting stronger and flaring up. We are the victors.”‎
‎[Fatah-run Awdah TV, since August 2015]‎

Here the result of songs like this ….


Where is US and EU its very much on their shoulders no to turn blind eyes to what is obvious to any detached observer.

SDR doesn’t want much …but we want it peacefully.
Why cant US and EU want the same not in words but in deeds.

SDR wishes to thank Jack  for the initial source.