Monday, 9 November 2015

Think its simple? Think again!

Undercover Duvdevan unit during Bethlehem protest

Israeli army has not lost lots edge since the days of Entebbe or Munich or Dubai....
in contrary!  IDF tactics are unbeatable no matter where or what we talk.

There is not one army in the world that can do this sort of surprise attacks within the rows of a enemy crowd and taking over the situation 100% like the Israeli special forces can.

The IDF provided a group of violent protesters with an unpleasant surprise outside of Rachel’s Tomb in Bethlehem as members of the IDF’s undercover Duvdevan “Cherry” unit put an end to a violent demonstration, from within the attacking group.

Protests have been ongoing as Palestinians fight against any Jewish presence on the Temple Mount…

What the Palestinians don’t seem to realize that Israel is NOT changing the Temple Mount status quo,and Israel is upholding its longstanding policy (since 1967) that prevents Jews from praying there. It has worked for both Christians and Jews and Muslim so far equally.

There is no reason why there should be an all out Islamic (only) Temple Mount.

This is what EU and US don't seem to realise. Its not a war just against Palestinian rock throwers and knife attackers but a war a against Islamic supremacy and alone right to laces holy to many faiths!

For now the terror in Israel has been ongoing with daily attacks sponsored by the Palestinian leadership and other Islamist supremacists.

Surprisingly we don’t find Israelis hating Muslims the way many Muslims hate them....

Please see the videos here asking Israelis about Arabs
First question: Israelis: Do you see all Muslims as terrorists?


Second question: Israelis: Do you hate Arabs?


Many ask, when is this conflict going to come to an end? 
Lets hope that the young Palestinians wake up to the fact that they can live as well as Israelis if they leave violence and take up peace and co operation instead.

The choice is simple co-exsisting with respect or Islamic supremacy ideology. 
Its all up to the Palestinians...