Thursday, 17 December 2015

A former Muslim tells the truth on Islam!

The following lady know what she talks about explaining 
matters on simple easy to understand terms. She is her 
self a former Muslim so she was brought up with Islam
on a daily life basis in the ME.

This must be one of the best reality checks reading Islam
as a religion that you ever will see.

This Lady who is rightfully frustrated "as our own Western leaders 
doesn't know or even bother to get to know" the most fundamental facts
from the people who have led this life, and can tell what its all about. 

Our leaders listen to religious propaganda, from Islamic leaders and followers.

Such information is in no way more credible than if you take the most radical Christian religion and have them explain the ways of Christianity.

At some point action should speak louder than words and time is running out.
Both Obama Hillary Clinton John Kerry and Angela Merkel and and so on have never heard a former Muslim who can see things as a detached observer and explain the religious schooling as it is. And not how its told by some religious 
representatives not being less bias on this matter than a hardcore Lobbyist.

If something tries to kill you, and doesn't apologise. And our leaders don't ask them to apologise publicly, It surely shows that this was not a mistake!
But it also tells all of us non Muslims that our leaders don't care 
or bother to actually face the true facts as presented here.
All just hiding behind so callee mad set limits by some idiotic politically correct.
All in all the politicians rather give your life than risk their careers to tell the truth's the Muslims to stop this religious war on us!

The former Muslim lady tells: I have reached a boiling point with these lies about Islam!  All the Muslims defending Islam, but not many express they're 
sorrow at what happened in Paris ...


Please share it, don’t let me waste my breath….
And so we do what she wishes here.

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