Thursday, 17 December 2015


ISIS militants fighting in Iraq and Syria have reportedly issued Islamic State passports as part of their 'psychological warfare' campaign.
Following their attempt to form a caliphate in the vast area of the Middle East under their control, ISIS leaders are said to be introducing passports to give the unrecognised state an air of legitimacy.
However experts believe the sinister black and white design, which is based on the black jihadist flag flown by ISIS terrorists and warns of a 'deployment of armies' if the holder comes to harm while travelling abroad, proved the passports are little more than a symbolic gesture.

While ISIS has expressed a desire to expand its territory to include stretches of Europe, including Rome and Madrid, and have also threatened to raise the jihadist flag over Downing Street and the White House, the issuing of passports is more about sending a message than transporting fighters.
Issuing state documents is both a clear indication that ISIS considers its declared caliphate to be the world's newest state, and also to shrug off the threat posed to its existence by U.S. airstrikes.
So far at least two versions of the alleged passport have emerged online.

Although it is not possible to prove the authenticity of either version, the latter has been widely shared on social media by respected terror experts and academics.

Dr Magnus Ranstorp, a Swedish academic who regularly briefs senior government and security officials on the threat of Islamic terrorism, tweeted a photograph of the plastic passport along with the caption: 'Illusions of a Caliphate. ISIS issue passports as part of psychological warfare.'