Saturday, 12 December 2015


Here the details of 2 Members of Islamist Miltias who have used the Refugee influx into the EU to present themselves as Refugees. These Militia Members have participated in war crimes in Iraq etc 

They are also suspected of beeing paid members of a fighting force in that country and are impersonating innocent people in order to get into the EU.


Ali Adel who used to fight with Al Hashid and al Shabaab.  SDR suspect him of being in Helsinki right now!

He is registered on Facebook in the small City of Espoo situated approximately 20 km from Helsinki.
depending on where exactly his situated. We suspect however that he is staying in Espoo centre as there
are may Muslims migrants in the areas so its very easy to blend in.
He has now taken off all militia pictures.

Ali Adel laituri
Ali Adel kaipaa Irakiin
At last he has ended up in Finland in October this year ...
Ali Adel sijainti lokakuu Helsinki

Ali tells he is in Sweden...
Ali Adel sijainti lokakuu 2 Ruotsi

Ali in Denmark 
Ali Adel sijainti lokakuu 1 Tanska
Watchissa, reports him here in Germany....

Ali Adel sama kuva kuin militia watchissa
Adel in Vienna below ...
Ali Adel sijainti syyskuu 25 Wien
Ali told he was in Croatia in September.....

Ali Adel sijainti syyskuu 22 Kroatia
Greece was his first EU- nation of arrival ....according to his documents

Ali Adel Kreikka syyskuu 20
Ali Adel Kreikka syyskuu 19
Ali Adel Turkki syyskuu 14
Ali Adel Arbil syyskuu 14

Ali Adel muotokuva 2

Source: Militia Watch and Facebook
We wonder Finnish if ( Finnish criminal police ) KRP, should check out this mans true identity and true past, for a fact. For now we assume more than we can prove......


At last but not least another war criminal now in Finland 
This man know as: Murthadha AL Zubaidina is seen as wanted on the Iraqi Embasy page.
According to Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs he´s last known location was Finland

 (last known location Finland) 2015-12-11 20-12-12
First Name:  Murtadha
Middle Name:
Last Name:  AL Zubaidi
Arabic Name: مرتضى الزبيدي
Last known location: Finland
Organizational Affiliation:  Ministry of Defense

Heating frozen fingers on a burning corpse....

12063324_961563017268659_675400034932186530_n 2015-12-11 20-10-19

Now he is in Finland. Pictures from his Facebook Finland.

Murtadha Al Zubaidi updated picture

PS. feel free to contact the police. We at SDR don't think its worth while.....