Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Meet the Arab woman loving Israel

The following video clip is just a small part of a upcoming film by the name: Working Together.
This is a taster or kick-starter for the film project.

Enjoy the truth that has bonded so many through out the years. For me as a distant observer I recall 
days when many of us young ones used to stay in Europe and share the evenings together ...
We where European Christians, Arab Muslims, Israelis and Druze and Pakistanis, and Iranians ...
This all took place before 1979 and many of us are friends still today!

Media tries to label Israelis as racists... Yes, there might be some but in the same breath
there are sadly even more antisemites among muslims today.

Most Israelis I know still today would answer if they where to hate Arabs with: God forbid no!
There is place enough for all of us, if the will for peace is there.

What we see today is may Muslim politicians using the State of Israel as a excuse or a smoke
screen to cover up their own failing to provide work and schooling.

If I managed to cook dinners and play football and cricket etc. with people from most of the worlds religions.  
If that's possible, then there is hope in the future as well.

(Working Together - Kickstarter Film Project Demo Interview)

Written by: Ulf the nordic wolf