Friday, 11 December 2015

Muslim Arab migrants desecrating a Finnish graveyard while Finns pay their housing food and healthcare...

Just a few days after the Finnish indolence day a that is taken very serous by most Finns giving honour to the fallen heroes … This is what we got to see in the non governmental controlled media, that prefer not to report such matters at all.
The following sickening video was filmed by some Syrian or Iraqi so called migrants on a mobile phone.

How can we be asked to give Muslims respect especially after seeing this footage taking place at a Christian cemetery not far away from where I sit and write this article …


I wish you would understand Arabic as it would make understand how sickening and disrespectful these acts are! When the Arab´s makes fun of the child's grave with the little cross in the film I did feel such a disgust towards Muslims that no words can describe.

Imagine that only the handling of one of these people documents costs the tax payer 15.000 Euros plus food lodging and health care. Forcing the locals to pay thousands upon thousands of costs per migrant arriving here.

Today is Friday and I just got to hear further that once again a new rape by an Arab asylum seeker of a local girl has taken place. The rape reported happened only 10 minutes away from where I sit and write right at the neighbouring City of Espoo. 

Just imagine,these are the same Syrian or Iraqi refugees wanting to stay in Finland.  

I feel nothing but disgust when I see Muslims after this!  
Can anyone blame me ?

Written by a utterly angry Finnish tax payer !