Thursday, 17 December 2015

Realism in Sweden by Sweden's Swede Democrats

What we all in EU are forced to watch now is:
Sweden's leaders still keep on insisting bringing in endlessly migrants that they 
then send as gifts to neighbouring nations who might not see national security 
as a triviality as Sweden obviously does right now.

What divine right do they have to play god and to order other nations to follow them?
Especially as it brings in very soon millions of arabs who have no respect for our ways of life.
Sweden leadership  has openly declared that their so called culture is nothing and officially 
replaced Sweden's Culture with Sweden being a Multi cultural nation.
This is now officially written in their Constitution.
Thats fine if they think so ...

But should other nations be forced to pay for their decisions? 
We say no!  And we also ask the EU to make a meeting to demand them to refund all the nations 
who they have burdened with this Islamic migrant storm.

Both Sweden and Germany have acted on their own and started the downfall of Europe
as we all have known it.

We at SDR are not racists but to only bring Muslims to Europe tis hardly helping the world
except it only helps one religion! 
Where are the Indian Christians or the Sudanese or Iraqi Christians etc...
No where as they can not even live alongside Muslims in areas like Rinkeby or in most places 
in Malmö oor Göteborg.
Swedens immigration policies its are nothing but racist and on top antisemitic.

If we had a Republican rule in the US then they would also be classified as anti American.
But Obama simply loves the antisemitic dance and wishes Turkey to join EU.
We think he should consider to himself look ate Mexico and take them first before telling 
others  ahem to do....

Sweden is one of the Nordic nations with the largest radical Muslims and also has 
undeniably no go zones for non muslims like: Rinkeby or Hammatbyhöjden etc...
Try to walk there as a white person at night with a camera and then tell us we are wrong!
The Swedish politicians who sends their kids to school where there is no Muslim majority 
like many other schools wouldn't have to face at home the problems headless migration does.

At least there should be just and equal quotas for each group of people be they religious or 
ethnical or racial or gender rights. Fact is that almost only Muslims get visa in Sweden and
that no other European nation sends as many Christian refugees back to face certain detach 
as there is a proven ongoing Muslim extermination of Christians all over the ME and the Gulf.
Even UN has recognized this fact that Sweden tries to hide behind accusations of others.

Many decent norma Swedes we know will agree with us on this and so the Swedish Democrats 
have lounced a video on Facebook showing Muslims Migrants the actual facts they face if
they arrive to Sweden.

See the video here:


It should be a EU agenda to do the same we all agree on except for the cowardly politicians
who now hide behind MERKEL, KERRY AND OBAMA.

They all wont last to make a legacy other than to hopefully one day face trial for forsaking
the good of the common people in the name of their own selfish  comfortable consensus. 
They have been hiding behind religious and racism ...
First of all Islam is not race but a Philosophy that no matter how one counts it stands for the 
largest amount of genocide since Hitler and Stalin or Mao Ze Tung.
This is fact even if they do it all over the planet in different names.

Arabs must not be Muslims ? We have Christian Arabs or many other groups that are so
called minorities but not Muslims who are day by day being killed and sold as slaves and in
some cases have to pay Jizya . A muslin her for non Muslims to pay to Muslims high 
taxes to enjoy the status of a cow or a goat as thats the rights of none  believers or Kuffars 
ot infidels all the same what name you give it.

At last but not least ISIS in Sweden...

Police in Sweden are investigating chilling letters posted through letterboxes across the country threatening to behead people unless they convert to Islam.

The notes, which are signed ISIS and carry the terrorist organisation's flag, threaten to decapitate 'non-believers' unless they become a Muslim or pay a religious tax.

They have been distributed among several cities including Stockholm and warn 'the police will not save you from being murdered'. 

Translated, the notes said: 
'In the name of Allah, the merciful, full of grace. You who are not believers will be decapitated in three days in your own house. We will bomb your rotten corpses afterwards.

'You must choose between these three choices: 

1. Convert to Islam. 
2. Pay the jizya [religious tax] for protection. 
3. Or else, you will be decapitated.

'The police will not prevent or save you from you being murdered. (Death comes to all of you).'

Swedish radio stations reported police were investigating the new threats and comparing them to previous warnings of violence.

The notes promised attacks within three days and were posted last Thursday (December 10), in areas including Ronneby, Sigtuna and Västerås with officers on patrol in the latter over the weekend to ensure no one acted on them.
Emil Andersson, police chief in Sigtuna, around 30 miles north of Stockholm, told Radio Uppland the threat was being taken seriously and officers were increasing security measures.

He added the Swedish intelligence agency was also involved in the investigation and examining the symbols and language used in the letters.