Thursday, 24 December 2015

To the Arab world

Which Side Are You On?


A new Israeli Foreign Ministry video has gone viral in the Arab world. 
The video is campaign to combat incitement to terrorism on social media. 

The video asks, the viewer if they are on “the side of democracy or the side 
of those who stifle political opposition; the side of those who respect both sexes, 
or the side of those who oppress and hurt women in the name of family honor; 
the side of those who worship life or the side of those who worship death.”

We at SDR wish to see a flourishing modern Arab world where young people
go to schools regardless of sex and where both parents can earn good living 
with all the best a modern life has to give.

We don't need to be falling into a selfish like many of the youth in the west right 
sending selfies only of them  self's.  Not to like such self worship we don't need to
do more than to say: Hey that's foolish, as time will take care of such idiotic trends
rather sooner than later.  No face lifts or implants can make age and beauty fade away.
Rather the contrary. People who live healthy and with a proper border against either
extreme forms will flourish at the end of the day.

Fact is that the Arab world could do very well economically and even compete with
major parts of Asia like India within IT just as an example.

The entire ME has much to offer besides traditional oil or  tourist trade.
The leaders of most ME nations need to go forward and let the people embrace free
education and opportunities and sponsor small busyness start-ups.

Time has come for a change to all of us as raw materials get less and the world soon
wont be able to feed people like ISIS who live modern but produce nothing.
Such a lifestyle no matter what the moral is scant have a future.

Its all up to our self's if we produce carpets by hand or cars and mobile phones.
SDR hope that the young Arabs choose the later, and enjoy the global opportunities
this work is giving us all equally if we seek it.