Monday, 21 December 2015

What does Taqbir and AllahhoAkbar have to do with Father Christmas ?

During Palestinian riots in Judea and Samaria, several protesters dressed up as Santa Claus showed up and clashed with the IDF. This was no ordinary ‘ho-ho-ho’ greeting.

Why did protesters dress up as what has become a recognisable Christian icon?

The reason is that it would appear as if IDF soldiers are fighting against a symbolic Christian figure, making Israel look very bad in the international media.

The video spreading mostly seen in the media has no Arab shouting 
Muslim slogans, like AllhuAkbar or Taqbir .....


Once we get a littlest longer footage the charade doesn't hold up, any longer.


One start to see young Palestinians shooting rocks with slingshots while one start to 
hear the typical attack shootings in Arabic: Taqbir and AllhuAkbar that has only
a meaning for Muslims! 

We wonder how long abuse of Christianity shall go before Westerners have had enough?
This is not less disrespectful than drawing the picture of their Prophet.

SDR wishes to add that, there is a minority of a few Christian Arabs still.
But after years of forced to convert all over the Middle East they would not represent 
any AllahuAkbar...unless forced to.
Attacks on Christian Churches and forced covert ion and rape of Christian women
have reached promotions of genocide, while the UN does absolutely nothing to save them!