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EU´s traditional denial of mainly Muslim men arriving is a dangerous game

Promises of free willing young blonde girls attract migrant Muslim men to Sweden! Arab writing here to prove it!

There is something nothing odd going on with the ratio between boys and girls in Sweden. The latest estimates suggest there are 123 boys for every 100 girls among 16 and 17-year-olds. That's an even greater imbalance than in the same age group in China. (BBC reports this fact to be odd) 
The natural "sex ratio at birth" is 105 boys for every 100 girls, according to the World Health Organization - and official statistics show that in 2014, there were 108 boys for every 100 girls among Sweden's 16 and 17-year-olds. 
But the country now has 123 boys for every 100 girls in this age group, according to Valerie Hudson of Texas A&M University. 
Hudson's estimate for Sweden was calculated by adding asylum applicants in 2015 to the current population figures, and she is provisionally assuming that all applicants will be granted residency permits. The number of those who actually receive asylum will not appear in official population statistics for another year or so. Which should be a very scary fact and reality to look forward too in Sweden.
Sweden has received more asylum applications per capita than any other country in Europe - 163,000 last year. The country's population is just 9.7 million. 
BBC writes What is surprising is that if you look at the breakdown of the ages of applicants in Sweden, there's a huge bump in the figures at the age of 16 - often unaccompanied minors arriving without a parent or guardian. Fact is that this is not a surprise at all! 92% of unaccompanied minors aged 16 and 17 years old are male. 

So there are huge incentives for getting to Sweden before you turn 18 he tells.  However he leaves out the fact that the Swedish authorities are not allowed to do dna age checks and if the refugee has no valid papers they are legally obligated  to believe what ever the they are told by the refugee hom self to be a fact. Thats the reason why so many Arab migrants can shave before the age of 14compared to the Swedes of the same age who look like kids! 
Basically Swedish ignorance and trust is to blame why so many report to be under age especially as unescorted minors cant be deported!
Interestingly, when you break down the data by nationality, the bump of applicants aged 16 from Afghanistan is particularly noticeable. There are about seven or eight times more 16-year-old refugees from Afghanistan than from Syria; the ages of those applying to stay in Sweden from Syria and Iraq are more evenly spread.
Bali believes...But we at SDR know that news of the benefits of presenting yourself as under 18 has filtered back to Afghans on their way to Europe. 
So do some young men lie about their age? "We don't check for age so we can't prove that," says Hanif Bali  ...."But in Sweden a very big amount of those who are tested do not have the correct age. Some friends of mine, who have taken care of these unaccompanied refugees, are saying, 'We took care of one kid, and we found out he was about 28 years old.'"
The idea of carrying out medical tests to determine the age of asylum seekers is controversial but there is a growing consensus among politicians that Sweden needs to to be more rigorous in checking the age of young migrants as has become embarrassing for Sweden to see reports abroad and at home of 14 year old´s who can grow a beard and are half a meter taller than locals of the same age.
Long term, the gender imbalance in the group of people who are currently 16 and 17 may shrink. BBC´s total denial of Muslim attitude towards women shows as the BBC writes: As refugees under 18 can invite their immediate family to join them, it's possible that their sisters will one day also travel to Sweden. We at SDR ask what part of the Muslim holy books state Women to be of any significance? 

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Ambassador ret. Yoram Ettinger: Global confidence in Israel’s economy

1.  In 2015, Israel’s high tech raised $4.43 BN, 30% over 2014. According to KPMG-Israel, Israel’s 2015 4th quarter economic performance ran contrary to – and was more positive than – the rest of the world. The value of exits through mergers and acquisitions and IPOs climbed to over $9 BN in 2015. The number of investment rounds of over $20 MN grew by 2/3 in 2015.  During the first three weeks of January 2016, twenty Israeli high tech startups raised almost $500 MN, mostly from institutional and private investors from the US, as well as from Asia, Europe and Israel (Economist Intelligence Unit, January 27, 2016).

2.  Israeli high tech companies “were sucking up a growing share of the world’s venture capital funding in the cyber area”: about 20% of global investment in cyber security, a 100% increase over 2014 and second only to the USA.  NY-based PrivoCo contends that Israel’s share (about $500 MN) was 12% of global cyber investments, but still up 100% over 2014 (Financial Times, January 26). Israel’s cyber technology startup, TowerSec, was sold to the Stamford, CT-based US giant, Harman, for $70 MN (Globes, January 7).

3. Unprecedented Chinese investments in Israel reflect China’s aim to shift from a highly manufacturing – to a high-tech – economy, and China’s assessment that Israel is indeed “The Startup Nation” (a best seller among Chinese movers & shakers; The Marker, January 1). Chinese investments in Israel surged from $70 MN in 2010 to $2.7 BN in 2015.  The China-Israel trade balance grew from $6 BN in 2009 to $11 BN in 2015.  During the first week of January, 2,000 Chinese and Israeli venture capital funds, businessmen, bureaucrats and political leaders participated in the largest-ever Chinese-Israeli conference held in Beijing. It highlighted Israel’s high tech cutting-edge technologies in the areas of biomed, biotech, health, cellular, clean-tech and computers at-large.

4.  According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, January 15, “Israel’s goods trade deficit shrank for the third successive year in 2015, declining by 43%.... Most of Israel’s exports are high technology and other goods that have not so far been adversely affected overall by the general decline in global trade and in commodity prices.”

5. Israel’s public debt-to-GDP ratio persists in its trend of reduction (Bloomberg, January 13): 64.9% in 2015, compared to 98.3% in 1995.  Israel’s government debt-to-GDP ratio was reduced to 63.4%. The budget deficit was 2.1%.  Between 2008 and 2015, Israel’s public debt-to-GDP ratio was reduced by 8%, compared with an increased ratio by the US (32%), Britain (37%), Japan (54%), South Korea (10%%), the Euro Bloc (25%) and the average advanced economies (26%).

6.  Dr. Adam Reuter, founder and CEO of Israel’s Financial Immunities Consulting and the Chairman of Reuter-Maydan Investment House, highlighted (January 12) Israel’s competitive edge in the global market:

*Unlike Israel, other advanced economies have exhausted their engines of growth, experience the crisis of the commodities and the burden of rapidly aging societies, which requires larger immigration of (mostly uneducated) populations which may pose a threat to homeland security and – in the long run - further burden social welfare services.

*Israel, a high tech powerhouse, has been sought by the emerging markets, which possess a high potential of growth and seek modern technologies.

*Israel stands to benefit from the high potential of growth – game changing innovations - in the areas of genetics, biotech, biomed, robotics, and nanotech, which has enabled Israel to defy the classic economic law of diminishing returns.

*Israel leads the advanced economies in the most critical area of growth projection: the size/trend/education of the 20-34 year old population, the prime innovator, risk taker, hard working, consumer, producer and defender (militarily). This age group, which is responsible for 40% of the economic growth, is shrinking in Europe and other advanced economies, but expanding in Israel. The fertility rate of those advanced economies – other than Israel – is less than 2.1 babies per woman, required to sustain the number of people, while the Jewish fertility rate in Israel is in excess of 3, trending toward 3.5 babies per woman.

*Israel’s exports have survived the recent global slowdown, by developing unique niches, which are essential to most countries in the areas of security, medicine, health, clean-tech, cyber, agriculture, irrigation, etc.

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Russian border guard to Finnish news agency: Russian security service FSB behind northeast asylum traffic

A Finnish news agency has reported that a Russian border guard's confession that the transport of asylum seekers to Finland’s two northeast border crossings is being orchestrated by the Russian Federation’s Federal Security Service, the FSB. 

Families with children are given priority, the source said. Finnish authorities have suspected for some time that the transfer of asylum seekers from Russia to Finland has been part of a carefully organised operation.

The Tampere-based newspaper Aamulehti reported on Saturday that a Russian border guard told the Finnish news agency STT that the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB) has arranged asylum seeker access to the Finnish border. The FSB organises the traffic in concert with the Kandalaksha district administration of Russia's Murmansk region and the Russian Border Guard.
The board guard source says the FSB decides which car moves at what time and how it can proceed to the border. The state-sponsored organisation gives priority to families with small children, the source reveals.
An STT photographer who visited the Russian side of the Salla border crossing told the Finnish tabloid Ilta-Sanomat that he had seen asylum seekers waiting in their cars in the Russian city of Alakurtti, located about 70 kilometres from the border. The photographer said there were dozens of cars with asylum seekers waiting there, cut off by a boom that allowed other cars to pass.
The Finnish commercial television station MTV says the photographer later picked up a Border Guard employee whose car had stalled in the cold. During their journey together, the Russian guard told the Finn about the Russian asylum seeker operation.

Finns suspected organised activity

Several Finnish authorities have gone public recently with their suspicion that the transfer of asylum seekers from Russia to Finland is an organised effort. On Yle’s morning programme Saturday, MEPs Jussi Halla-aho and Petri Sarvamaa said they believe Russia is using the migrant crisis to gain foreign policy leverage.
Foreign Minister Timo Soini met with officials at the Lapland border stations early Saturday morning and said the visit confirmed his suspicion that the asylum seeker traffic there is arranged by Russian enablers.
“The impression that someone is organising and regulating things on the Russian side is probably true. Border guard employees don’t play politics, they jointly take care of cross-border traffic. It is quite obvious that activity like this is a managed effort,” he said.

U.S Really? Syrian Refugees Admitted Since Paris Attacks: 525 Muslims, 1 Christian!

The United States has admitted 526 Syrian refugees since Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS/ISIL) terrorists attacked Paris last November, and just one (less than 0.2 percent) is a Christian!

Sunni Muslims account for 512 (97.3 percent) of the 526 Syrian refugees approved for resettlement in the U.S. since the Nov. 13 attacks, which prompted fresh concerns that terrorists could use refugee admission programs to enter Western countries.
The remaining 13 comprise three Shi’ites and ten refugees identified as “Moslem,” according to data from the State Department Refugee Processing Center.
The lopsided proportion of Sunni Muslims to Christians admitted since Paris largely mirrors that since the beginning of fiscal year 2016:  Over that period, which began Oct. 1, 817 Syrian refugees have been admitted, of whom six (0.7 percent) are Christians and 798 (97.6 percent) are Sunnis.
Looking further back, of the 2,690 Syrian refugees admitted into the U.S. since the civil war started in March 2011, 54 (2.0 percent) are Christians and 2,517 (93.5 percent) are Sunni Muslims. (The remainder are other minorities, including Shi’ites, heterodox Muslims, Zoroastrians and atheists.)
In contrast to those Christian/Sunni ratios – 0.19 percent/97.3 percent since the Paris attacks; 0.7 percent/97.6 percent in FY 2016; and 2.0 percent/93.5 percent since the conflict began – Christians account for an estimated 10 percent of the Syrian population, and Sunnis for an estimated 74 percent.
Whether fleeing from the Assad regime, ISIS, other opposition groups, airstrikes by the U.S.-led coalition or by the regime-supporting Russians, or from violence and collapsing services and infrastructure in general, more than 4.5 million Syrians have fled their homeland since the civil war began and are registered with the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).
President Obama has pledged to take in 10,000 Syrian refugees during FY 2016.
Administration officials have said that while persecution on the grounds of religion is one of five grounds for determining whether an applicant should be granted refugee status, the U.S. admission program does not and should not prioritize one religion over another.
(The criteria, as per the 1951 Refugee Convention, are persecution for reasons of religion, race, nationality, political opinion or membership of a particular social group.)
One senior State Department official told lawmakers last month that Christians were underrepresented among U.S. Syria refugee admissions because fewer Christians were leaving – because they feel safe (in some cases because they support the Assad regime).
However, the international Christian charity Barnabas Fund estimates that some 600,000 Syrian Christians have fled their homes so far.
In a recent op-ed in a British daily George Carey, the former Archbishop of Canterbury – the titular head of the world’s Anglicans/Episcopalians – decried the response from Western governments and churches to the targeting of Christians in particular at the hands of ISIS.
“So serious is the problem that you might expect the nations of the West would come to the rescue of these historic Christian communities, or that the Church would be demanding the world act now,” he wrote. “Far from it.”
Carey went on to quote Barnabas Fund’s observation that “[w]hile displaced Muslims may find safety in neighboring areas controlled by their own faction and armed forces, or escape to friendly areas, Christians do not have these options.”
He urged British Prime Minister David Cameron Carey to find ways to admit “a good number of Christian Syrians” among refugees to be allowed to resettle in Britain. Cameron has pledged to welcome up to 20,000 Syrian refugees over five years.
The Australian government, meanwhile, pledged last September to prioritize among 12,000 Syrian refugees it will take in “those most in need – the women, children and families of persecuted minorities.”
Australian Muslim groups complained, but the government is unrepentant. Immigration Minister Peter Dutton last week reiterated that persecuted minorities will be prioritized, saying that while the U.N. can make referrals Australia will ultimately decide who to accept.
Refugee advocacy groups argue that many Christians who leave Syria do not register with the UNHCR, for fear of their safety in U.N. refugee camps. Since the U.S. and some other governments use UNHCR referrals in the first step in the application process for refugee status, they could end up be unintentionally disadvantaged.
The UNHCR says living in a refugee camp is not a prerequisite for registration with the agency

Source cnsnews

Italy covering up nude statues: Iranians have responded with online sarcasm

Believe it or not but the Italian efforts to please Iranian Hassan Rouhani has ended up as a joke
in the eyes of both Italians and Iranians online.

The following is a little taster of the irony going on and how low someone can sink for the sake of a sale. 
Is nothing holy we ask ur selfs?
Are the Italian leaders willing to sell their monuments too if the price is right?
One thing is for sure and that is that the common man in both Italy and Iran finds this crawling the floors in front of the Iranian leader as disgusting at best!

Italy's rich past does not  deserve such segregation by Italy´s political leadership. 

A photoshopped image of a Roman statue
Iranians have responded with online sarcasm after Italy covered up statues to avoid their private bits being on display. 
President Hassan Rouhani was on an official visit to Rome this week. 
It's been 10 years since an Iranian president last visited the country. During the trip, he visited the Capitoline Museum, and nude statues were covered as a sign of respect to the head of the Islamic Republic of Iran.  Wine was also absent from the official menu, as alcoholic drinks are prohibited by Islam.
Amused by the news, many Iranians decided to laugh it off using variations of a very well-known Farsi phrase, "Islam is in danger," in their online comments. 
Some sarcastically thanked Italians for saving Islam. "To prevent Islam from being in danger, the museum's statues have been put in a box," reads one Facebook post.
"Due to the large volume of trade with Iran, it wouldn't have been surprising if Italians broke the statues all together," another Twitter user said.  
During the visit, contracts worth around €17bn ($18.4bn; £12bn) were signed between Iranian and Italian companies.

Image of a cartoon
One widely shared meme shows the already-covered-up statues blanketed by an image many Iranian internet users recognise, of an internet page that comes up when people try and access censored web pages in the country.
A photoshopped image of a statutes

One widely shared meme shows the already-covered-up statues blanketed by an image many Iranian internet users recognise, of an internet page that comes up when people try and access censored web pages in the country.

Image of Roman statue

Image of Roman statue

"As an Italian and particularly Roman citizen, I'm so embarrassed. This is shameful," says one tweet. Another says: "Covering nude statues for a foreign visitor is equivalent to... cultural suicide". 

Rouhani is currently in France, the second leg of his European visit....

A doctored image of Mona Lisa
"France is fully prepared for Rouhani's visit to museums".


How dangerous are the life jackets bought in Turkey that the refugees are using to cross from Turkey to Greece? Just recently a factory with 1,200 fake life jackets was found in Izmir, Turkey, at the same time 34 people were found dead, they drowned attempting to cross the Aegean sea. 

Some idiotic media try to ask the rhetoric question: Were some of those fake life jackets part of the tragedy? While sending a team of Journalists went to try to find an answer that is self evident as the dead cant talk. 

Its good to check the matter but to make money of this by dragging it along like some suspense story like in this video is disgusting and can hardly be called Journalism.
A true journalist would check many hundred and display it visibly without any stupid testing of only 5 or 6 life wests as here...

Fact remains that the numbers found at the factory and the sales tell a sad story about how cheap the Turks treat their brother Muslims in need. A life isn't even worth 10 Euro for them.
That's the price of most of the fake life jackets sold reports have exposed.

To us here at SDR Turkish morale has been questionable for a very long time as we have received horror stories by Kurds and Iranians etc who have been in need of food and shelter in Turkey. 
Instead of help they got abused as slave labour just like the Syrian young girls at the fake life jacket factory. 
Anyone with some logic knows Turkey knows that telling Turkey anything wont help without loads of evidence.  
We ask:  How comes that UN has shown no interest in uncovering how the given EU funds are used by Turkey.  And why nothing is done about the almost slave like labour conditions of refugees that exist rather openly in Turkey now.

Journalistic reporting should not be mistaken for producing a Thriller movie like here.

U.S. Mission to the United Nations reports: Remarks at the UN Holocaust Memorial Ceremony on the International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust

Ambassador Samantha Power
U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations
U.S. Mission to the United Nations
New York City
January 27, 2016
Hello, everybody – very difficult to follow that extraordinary set of remarks from Miss Wise. It’s such an honor to have her with us and to have all of the Holocaust survivors and liberators who have done us this great honor of joining us today. Thanks also to the Secretary-General, to the President of the General Assembly, and of course to Ambassador Danon, for their remarks.
Anita Lasker-Wallfisch attributes her survival in Auschwitz to the fact that she knew how to play the cello. Shortly after being sent to the camp at age 17, she was chosen as a member of its orchestra, which played every morning and evening as the crews of forced laborers departed and returned in march-step through its infamous gate. Anita later recounted, “We also had to be available at all times to play to SS staff, who wanted to hear some music after sending thousands of people to their death.”
As the Red Army – including some brave soldiers who are here with us today – closed in on Auschwitz, Anita was forced to join a massive march to Bergen Belsen. Many did not survive the journey, while those who did arrived to a camp with no food and no water. “Those of us who could still walk were given some string,” Anita said. “We were to tie the arms of the dead together and drag them to a big ditch.” But the prisoners were too weak to do it. Anita recalled, “Corpses were so much part of the landscape that we no longer noticed them as anything unusual.” The “inferno” in Bergen Belsen would not end for Anita and others until the British liberated the camp in April 1945.
When we reflect on the singular horror of the Holocaust, it is often difficult not to lose oneself in the abstraction that comes with speaking of millions upon millions of victims. The scale is so massive as to feel unknowable sometimes – to be able to wrap our minds around that scale, and every individual as part of each of those millions. It’s very, very challenging for each of us. But accounts like the ones we just heard today here from Marta, accounts like Anita’s, accounts that we will hear later today from those who come to this podium, they help puncture the abstraction by focusing on the enormity of suffering experienced by single individual human beings. And they enable us to defy the genocidal mindset that saw these individuals as numbers, as abstractions themselves.
As we commemorate, we must not only mourn the lives lost and the immeasurable suffering inflicted – also by individuals – but we must also reflect on the lives that were saved by individuals who refused to be bystanders. Nicholas Winton – who passed away last July at the age of 106 – was one of those individuals. As many of you know, he helped 669 children, most of them Jews, escape from Czechoslovakia in the run up to the Second World War. He bribed officials, he forged documents, he arranged transport through hostile territory, he persuaded families to take in foster children – anything to get kids out.
Members of the resistance did not stand by either, helping Jews like 10-year-old Haim Roet evade deportation to the camps. Haim and his three older brothers were smuggled out of Amsterdam’s Jewish ghetto and taken in – along with hundreds of other children – by families in the rural village of Nieuwland. Haim was brought late one night in 1943 to the home of Anton and Aleida Deesker who, without hesitation, brought the exhausted, frightened, and cold little boy into their warm bed, and hid him for the rest of the war. Think, for just one moment, about the quiet courage and humanity embodied in that simple act – in that simple reflex.
The acts of these brave individuals lead us, of course, to timeless questions: What if more people had acted as they did? What would each of us do if we found ourselves in similar circumstances?
I was struck by the question Ms. Wise posed earlier: Where was God during the Holocaust? “My question,” she said “ is where was man?”
We do not need to think in terms of hypotheticals. To look at the map today is to see countless places where individuals are enduring horrific atrocities – ones that, from a distance, can seem also abstract and immutable. But when you get up close, you see that the victims are individuals. And every day – as nations, as communities, and as individual human beings – we have countless chances to stand up for these people, in ways big and small. So we must constantly ask ourselves, are we playing the role of the upstanders? Are we opening the doors of our homes and our nations to people when they need it most? Are we standing up against anti-Semitism, as it surges in various quarters around the world?
If we needed any further evidence of the stakes, and of what our societies have to gain by stopping mass atrocities and fighting hate, we only need to look around this room – not only at the survivors and their legacies, but also at the generations that would not exist without them. We see this in the life of Anita Lasker-Wallfisch, who after being liberated from Bergen Belsen went on to found a chamber orchestra in England, and to have two children, one of whom is himself now a world renowned cellist. We see this in the life of Haim Roet, who – now in his eighties – continues to dedicate himself to serving his nation of Israel, particularly its marginalized communities, and to ensuring that no one forgets that unto every victim there is a name, there is a history, there is a story, there is a set of aspirations unrealized. Haim is here today, and his son, David is a proud representative of Israel at the United Nations. And David has carried on his father’s legacy through efforts such as, last year, helping to organize – in this very chamber, in this very General Assembly – the first-ever meeting on combating anti-Semitism held in the UN General Assembly. And we see it in the 669 children saved by Nicholas Winton, who now have some 6,000 descendants. Six thousand people – who otherwise would not enrich our world, but for the efforts, in large part, of one single individual.
In commemorating the Holocaust, we must do more than reflect on the singular horrors that too many failed to stop; or on all that our societies have to gain when we save the lives of the Haims and the Anitas of the world. We must also ask, where are those places right now? Nothing will be like the Holocaust, but there is contemporary atrocity and suffering of unimaginable scale that is within our power to do something about. And we must do more than just pay tribute to the Wintons and Deeskers who helped save lives – though we must do that – we must do our level best to take inspiration from them, make choices like the choices they made.
As Albert Camus – one of my favorite writers – put it, “Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better.” We have that chance, we should be better.
Thank you.

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Netanyahu: UN chief Ban Ki-moon 'encouraging terror'!

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has accused UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon of "encouraging terror". 
That's not a small thing and should have been told to the media by many other leaders the way Kim-Moons has left the Christians die all over the ME! This has taken place in a worse manner than Rwanda ever was ! 
UN´s shameful leaders has donated to terrorists like Hamas western funds and also employed a Saudi Arabian to lead UN´s Human Rights council !
We don't need to point out what sort of sub-human rights Ban Ki-moon is promoting here", do we?

Referring to the Palestinians, a very bewildered Mr Ban said it was human nature for oppressed peoples to react to occupation.While saying this he did not mention the millions of Tibetans who's land is occupied or the Kurds and Christians of Iraq and Syria who have suffered by far more and longer than any so called Palestinians.
The sickest part of his words are that he thinks that Palestinians are only Muslims.
Because if we look historically also the Jews between Egypt and Lebanon must be even more Palestinian as they did inhabit the land before there was any Muslim religion! Even Christians have more right to claim Palestinian status as also Christianity existed in the traditional Palestinian areas before any Muslim religion.
We ar SDR wonder how such a uneducated person as Mr Ban ever was given such a
important post. He must be historically clueless.... He might know something about Arab proxy interests and Korean noodles but little or nothing does the man of the suffering of people around the world !

Speaking at the UN Security Council, Mr Ban also condemned recent stabbings of Israelis by Palestinians...He talks about victims but does not differ between killed attackers and victims of the attacks hiding the true numbers. On top of all said this like it was a side dish on a 6 meal menu!  

More than 155 Palestinians, 28 Israelis, an American and an Eritrean have allegedly died in violence since October. Naturally including the sickening killers among the fatalities what where not victims but sickening attackers! of men, women and even children !

"The comments of the UN secretary general encourage terror," Mr Netanyahu said in a statement. "There is no justification for terror."

On Monday, a 24-year-old Israeli woman was fatally stabbed in a West Bank settlement - the third such attack in 10 days. 
The two Palestinian assailants were shot dead by a security guard.He is also one of the so called victims if we look at UN´s report only speaking of fatalities...
Most of the Palestinians killed have been attackers, Israel and the rest of the civilised world says, while others have been shot dead by Israeli forces during protests and clashes.
The Palestinians might not have used guns as dangerous are hugh stones,knifes or blue lasers blinding people and more....

Mr Ban told the Security Council the wave of attacks was driven by a "profound sense of alienation and despair" among some Palestinians, particularly the young.

Forgetting the indoctrinated hate they have been thoughts they have towards Jews and even the existence of Jews as a human race!
To have a UN leaders who fails to read Arab media is not Israelis fault but UN should maybe start looking at the daily reports that confirm what we here at SDR claim and that 
Mr Netanyahu is fighting against!

"Palestinian frustration is growing under the weight of a half century of occupation and the paralysis of the peace process," Ignorant Ki-moon  said. "As oppressed peoples have demonstrated throughout the ages, it is human nature to react to occupation, which often serves as a potent incubator of hate and extremism."

He condemned the attacks but said Israel's settlement-building programme cast doubt on its commitment to the creation of a Palestinian state.
But Mr Netanyahu accused the Palestinians of working against the creation of a state.

Its almost comical how racist Secretary general Ban Ki Moon ignores the 7,5 Million Chinese settlers in Tibet while mentioning the few Jews moving in a doing something of a land that's unused by any land loving Palestinians!

SDR has a question: If they care and love the k´land so much how comes that they don't do anything with it ? The Palestinians have a own org within UN that pass them 3 times more money that any other refugees they support. Not to mention the Christian and Yazidi and Kurd refugees not receiving one dime from UN !

What a sick and twisted mind their so called leader must have to have the audacity to even mention Israel that has since its founding asked the Muslims around Israel to accept the right of Jews to exist!!!!

Imagine this UN secretary general overlooks that not one Palestinian has signed that they accept Jews and and the state of Israel!
To me and other people who have studied justice this is quite a reality check on the matter
no matter what human law one uses.(This excludes the Koranic laws)

"The Palestinian murderers do not want to build a state, they want to destroy a state and they say it out loud," he said.
"They do not murder for peace and they do not murder for human rights," Mr Netanyahu  added. Netanyahu also said that the UN had lost its neutrality and moral force a long time ago! And who can deny this?
Leaving Rwanda to get slaughtered was just a a beginning followed by years of Christian slaughter in Sudan. Not to mention the ongoing slaughter of Christians and Yazid´s and Kurds that by now must be in the million...while UNs leaders and workers  travels around the world spending Billions just to talk of 128 dead Palestinians.

Ronald S Lauder, president of the World Jewish Congress, said Mr Ban's remarks were a "dangerous justification of terrorism".

"It is extremely worrying and shocking that the leader of the international community has chosen to excuse the inexcusable," Mr Lauder added.

US-backed peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians collapsed in 2014.

Its important not too loose focus on the big picture here which is racist and bias tells us Helsinki Think Tank chairman Michael Hulden. 
The billions intended for the suffering masses now mostly feed UNs own 5 star dinner machine and a selected few while leaving the wast majority of needy without any what ever help ! 
A  fair quota should be given to all and everyone by any internationally bias aid organisation.