Sunday, 31 January 2016

EU´s traditional denial of mainly Muslim men arriving is a dangerous game

Promises of free willing young blonde girls attract migrant Muslim men to Sweden! Arab writing here to prove it!

There is something nothing odd going on with the ratio between boys and girls in Sweden. The latest estimates suggest there are 123 boys for every 100 girls among 16 and 17-year-olds. That's an even greater imbalance than in the same age group in China. (BBC reports this fact to be odd) 
The natural "sex ratio at birth" is 105 boys for every 100 girls, according to the World Health Organization - and official statistics show that in 2014, there were 108 boys for every 100 girls among Sweden's 16 and 17-year-olds. 
But the country now has 123 boys for every 100 girls in this age group, according to Valerie Hudson of Texas A&M University. 
Hudson's estimate for Sweden was calculated by adding asylum applicants in 2015 to the current population figures, and she is provisionally assuming that all applicants will be granted residency permits. The number of those who actually receive asylum will not appear in official population statistics for another year or so. Which should be a very scary fact and reality to look forward too in Sweden.
Sweden has received more asylum applications per capita than any other country in Europe - 163,000 last year. The country's population is just 9.7 million. 
BBC writes What is surprising is that if you look at the breakdown of the ages of applicants in Sweden, there's a huge bump in the figures at the age of 16 - often unaccompanied minors arriving without a parent or guardian. Fact is that this is not a surprise at all! 92% of unaccompanied minors aged 16 and 17 years old are male. 

So there are huge incentives for getting to Sweden before you turn 18 he tells.  However he leaves out the fact that the Swedish authorities are not allowed to do dna age checks and if the refugee has no valid papers they are legally obligated  to believe what ever the they are told by the refugee hom self to be a fact. Thats the reason why so many Arab migrants can shave before the age of 14compared to the Swedes of the same age who look like kids! 
Basically Swedish ignorance and trust is to blame why so many report to be under age especially as unescorted minors cant be deported!
Interestingly, when you break down the data by nationality, the bump of applicants aged 16 from Afghanistan is particularly noticeable. There are about seven or eight times more 16-year-old refugees from Afghanistan than from Syria; the ages of those applying to stay in Sweden from Syria and Iraq are more evenly spread.
Bali believes...But we at SDR know that news of the benefits of presenting yourself as under 18 has filtered back to Afghans on their way to Europe. 
So do some young men lie about their age? "We don't check for age so we can't prove that," says Hanif Bali  ...."But in Sweden a very big amount of those who are tested do not have the correct age. Some friends of mine, who have taken care of these unaccompanied refugees, are saying, 'We took care of one kid, and we found out he was about 28 years old.'"
The idea of carrying out medical tests to determine the age of asylum seekers is controversial but there is a growing consensus among politicians that Sweden needs to to be more rigorous in checking the age of young migrants as has become embarrassing for Sweden to see reports abroad and at home of 14 year old´s who can grow a beard and are half a meter taller than locals of the same age.
Long term, the gender imbalance in the group of people who are currently 16 and 17 may shrink. BBC´s total denial of Muslim attitude towards women shows as the BBC writes: As refugees under 18 can invite their immediate family to join them, it's possible that their sisters will one day also travel to Sweden. We at SDR ask what part of the Muslim holy books state Women to be of any significance?