Thursday, 28 January 2016


How dangerous are the life jackets bought in Turkey that the refugees are using to cross from Turkey to Greece? Just recently a factory with 1,200 fake life jackets was found in Izmir, Turkey, at the same time 34 people were found dead, they drowned attempting to cross the Aegean sea. 

Some idiotic media try to ask the rhetoric question: Were some of those fake life jackets part of the tragedy? While sending a team of Journalists went to try to find an answer that is self evident as the dead cant talk. 

Its good to check the matter but to make money of this by dragging it along like some suspense story like in this video is disgusting and can hardly be called Journalism.
A true journalist would check many hundred and display it visibly without any stupid testing of only 5 or 6 life wests as here...

Fact remains that the numbers found at the factory and the sales tell a sad story about how cheap the Turks treat their brother Muslims in need. A life isn't even worth 10 Euro for them.
That's the price of most of the fake life jackets sold reports have exposed.

To us here at SDR Turkish morale has been questionable for a very long time as we have received horror stories by Kurds and Iranians etc who have been in need of food and shelter in Turkey. 
Instead of help they got abused as slave labour just like the Syrian young girls at the fake life jacket factory. 
Anyone with some logic knows Turkey knows that telling Turkey anything wont help without loads of evidence.  
We ask:  How comes that UN has shown no interest in uncovering how the given EU funds are used by Turkey.  And why nothing is done about the almost slave like labour conditions of refugees that exist rather openly in Turkey now.

Journalistic reporting should not be mistaken for producing a Thriller movie like here.