Saturday, 2 January 2016

Wanted terrorist: Nashad Muhammad Ali Lachem

The following man is wanted for the killings that we reported on as:
Smiling’ Muslim pull out machine gun and spray bullets into a packed bar in Tel Aviv.

Name:  Nashad Muhammad Ali Lachem 
He´s ID:  039831177 
Born: 1987 
Residency: Arara Israel

Additional Information:
Arara (Arabic: عرعرة) is an Arab community in Israel, the Haifa District in Wadi Ara triangle. 
The settlement was declared a local council in 1970. 
Arara has two large clans - Younis and Masrawa, all the Muslim community, the Sunni.

If you see him or know of his whereabouts  please take contact any Israeli Embassy 
or International law enforcement agency.

We wish to thank our Israeli Representative co-worker Haim Barak from Israel for the pictures and data.