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What is a muslim Life worth to another Muslim ?

The following is something the leaders in EU and US don't want to hear but eventually be it practically or academically they will have to face up to the fact that the price of even a Muslim life to a fellow Muslim ion most cases isn't worth anything.
And if someone can do 5 Euro or Dollar of someones death it seems OK even for Turkish Muslims.
Am I stereotyping? I personally don't think or hope so.
I try to write as a simple and humble detached observer only.

We have now seen the drowning thousands of Arab Migrants followed by gruel stories of how they 
have thrown off Christians from their boats on the way to EU. Or that the Arab smugglers have
abandoned the ship and left ships adrift while being full of migrants.

That doesn't look good and looking at the war in Syria and Iraq I see a very clear Genocide on Christians taking place. But not only that the Arabs kill each other for the most minor dispute or 
idea´s. Be it that someone is gay. tells the wrong word or allegedly does insult Islam.
Most matters are handled by torture and killing. And that's what their holy book describes as sharia 
which can be understood i n many ways. Depending on how one wishes to read it.
Just like in the old days of Christianity when the Old Testament was everything for the worlds Christians. 

Europe and the west went on another 2000 years and developed while the Muslims still read the same text they always have had. No wonder is foreign to our leaders as they cant even in their wildest dreams see things as they are told ...So they think its safe to deny and add the Christian words upon Islam that its a religion pf peace. Yes peace is correct but taking the sentence to the end its peace for only Muslims and the duty of a Muslim is to convert or behead or ask tax for people to live under them and in some cases when it comes to women they can with holy approval take women slaves.
Thees are not any inventions but well known facts.

So now we will talk of the Price of a Muslims life to another Muslim.
I have chosen a recent news incident as an example that western news barely reported. (And in most cases not at all)

Police in Turkey say they have confiscated more than 1,264 fake life jackets that failed to correspond to safety standards, made for migrants wanting to cross the Aegean Sea to Greece.

Officers raided a workshop in the port of Izmir, where they say they found:
Life jackets stuffed with packaging rather than buoyancy aids. (that wold rather sink the wearer than save his life)

Is this not shocking at all ? They are willing to kill women and children just for a few dollars?

These poor should died most likely because they bought bad life jackets in Turkey isn't there any humanity among Muslims help of Muslims ? Answer if we believe what we see: No there isn't.

The fake life jacket factory

Four people were found working in the workshop, including two young Syrian girls, the news agency said. It did not publish the girls' ages...Indicating they must have been very young.

It comes one day after the bodies of more than 34 migrants were washed up in Turkey many were wearing life jackets. Several children were among the dead!
Their boats capsized in bad weather on the way to the Greek island of Lesbos, the authorities say.

Turkish media published harrowing images of the corpses, many still wearing life jackets that had apparently been of no use.

Migrants are continuing to arrive on the Greek islands every day, despite the wintry weather. Lesbos is by far the most popular destination for migrants leaving Turkey. More than 500,000 reached the island in 2015.

What is described her is just little episode along a very long brutal killing rout.

Do you remember the little Kurd Child that the Turkish media talked about that Europe is t blame ...  That was only rhetoric to get more funding´s in the name of the refugees who they actually would let drown if they would make a few dollars a head.. some month later


Late last year, after the Kurdish kid made the headlines Turkey reached a deal with the European Union to tighten its borders and reduce the numbers crossing to Greece in return for €3bn (£2.1bn) and political concessions.

Just some months later many tens of kids drown with fake Turkish made life jackets and no one is reporting anything. Is this human price or Human price negotiations?

More than one million migrants crossed the Mediterranean in 2015 and the vast majority went from Turkey to Greece.

Many migrants buy life jackets to help them survive the dinghy journey. A properly made jacket costs up to a £100  or  €130; $150.  But many migrants make do with cheaper, badly made ones, which cost just £10 and may offer no protection whatsoever...

This matter was taken as a example on cultural morale and how we westerners think of helping a fellow westerner in need and on how fellow Muslims help each other.
Its hard to believe but one better does before its too late.

At last lets look at what a life costs according to The Muslim Sharia law (It has price)

Diyya (plural: Diyat; Arabic: دية‎) in Islamic Sharia law, is the financial compensation paid to the victim or heirs of a victim in the cases of murder, bodily harm or property damage. 
It is an alternative punishment to Qisas (equal retaliation). 
In Arabic, the word means both blood money and ransom, and it is spelled sometimes as Diya, Diyah or Diyeh
Diyya compensation rates, under Sharia, have historically varied based on the gender and religion of the victim. 
Muslim women victims have typically been compensated at half the rate as Muslim male victims, while ...
non-Muslims compensation rates have varied between 1/16th to half of a Muslim, for an equivalent case

The chrises continues in the areas but we get these reports to help to take in people to EU who don't feel compassion for Jews amor women and most of all when they have money rather sit in a conference in Brunei like the Palesstionan Human Rights activist who attacked me verbally today.
His money is used to enjoy a pizza and falafel in a 5 star restaurant and not to the following :

It took me some time to get used to such indifference but at least I did read whet sharia tells 
about death of a Muslim or a non muslim or woman. It wasn't very nice but is not less a fact because I don't like it....

The entire Human Rights matter for Arabs only concern them I was also told by the very proud Palestinian living in the 5 start hotel. Human rights cant exist for Israelis as according to him and his friends there is no Israel...

When I asked him isn't Human rights just the same for all he said not if I defend my people .

To me this all went so low below human anything that I just decided to write this little

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Written: By Wolf Großbauer for SDR