Monday, 22 February 2016

ASIA: China Declares All Out War On Islam and is not playing around like the west!

China seems to be declaring an all out war to make sure Islam doesn’t take over.

Ramadan is banned and Chinese restaurants must stay open during this fast.

Muslim prayer meetings and other religious practices are banned in Chinese government buildings, schools, and business offices in China’s Xinjiang region reports "The Times of India".

Religious activities are now restricted to take place only in houses of worship, such as mosques.

The large sum of $4,880 fines will be imposed mobile phones users and using the Internet to disseminate messages that undermine national unity, social stability or incite ethnic hatred.

Female head dresses are banned in conformity with Chinese legislators who have repeatedly said that burqas and are rightly “not a national dress of Muslims.”  (as its only represents the radical Wahhabi version and has spread from there as the Muslims have become more Wahhabi influenced)
They’re justifying their new laws based on several other countries, such as France and Belgium who have enacted similar bans based on public safety concerns.

You sleep as you make your bed in China!

Men with long beards are banned from riding public transportation: 
Chinese have suffered numerous terrorist attacks from both Muslim men with long beards, women, men in disguise wearing burquas, that obscures their appearance and suicide belts.

Whats most effective will be the fact that China will pay up to $8,000 for information on their bearded Muslim neighbors.

Islamic restaurants in China must sell alcohol and cigarettes and these items must be displayed for sale or these restaurants will be force to shut down. 

This law has been enacted as result of reports by some non-Muslim customers have been assaulted for even requesting these items in Muslim restaurants, or for merely requesting pork in a meal.

The Quran (Koran) calls the use of “intoxicants” sinful,(Haram)  while some Muslim religious leaders have also forbidden smoking. 

Some non-Muslim customers have been assaulted for even requesting these items in Muslim restaurants, or for merely requesting pork in a meal.

Muslims cannot wear clothing or logos associated with extremism. 
No ISIS flags or patches allowed.

Further Muslims’ personal phones may also no longer be used to study the Quran or practice religious hymns. (Radical ring tones in Arabic where most likely the target and the spreading radical preachings. ) The fact that most radicalism spreads via internet and places like YouTube or mobile phones has long been debated but without any results.
Radicalism be it in any form should be criminalised and also upheld and not easy to get into any children hands especially not the Muslim recruiting and radicalisation videos! Fact his that in the west they are all freely to be seen on Youtube and Facebook. After all wasn't it almost all the Muslims in the world who stood up against the Muhammed cartoons and said that freedom of speech cant hurt others.
Its time they them selfs start living as they preach so that the world sees less of radicalized Islamist. Today and the day before and so one there has been some bombs by some Muslim or a knife attack in Israel and more.

West must now consider to look towards China and Russia how to manage radicals in a much better manner than we in the west!  Security groups are created daily all over but deeds with results  are as rare as a monkey who can count to 5!
All we see is westerner consensus politicians fly around visiting each other costing tax payers billions in security and jets and hotels etc... This waste needs to end!
If people can talk on Skype then they should be able to live in a modern world too!
letts not forget how of the UN flies around making meetings bringing absolutely no results what ever living almost all the Middle easter Christians become a rare species while they give 3 times as much money to the few Palestinians refugees than to any other group of people!  (se UNRWA statistics per capita costs) This too has to end NOW! If UN wishes to be a Muslim or then move to Saudi Arabia.
The biggest joke about UN is that Saudi Arabia leads its human rights council...
If thats not a wake up cal then what is ?

the actual ongoing Genocide by Muslims on Christians and the yazidi´s should be prioritised by UN or then they should just close down the entire buildings its costs are tremendous and achievements just create more laws instead of sustainable solutions. UN was made to help all and not just them selfs to bigger salaries and diplomatic status and tax free jobs and retirements that swollow most of the entire UN budget we suspect.

Ever since George W Bush and 9/11 has been spooking as most of the planning and deed was carried out by Saudi Arabians and to us at SDR its a mystery how George W Bush managed to let all the important Saudis leave the US without any investigation.......

Sources: Indian Times and with great gratitude to our long time rowing co worker Eric "S"