Saturday, 27 February 2016

Honouring the Jewish James Bond of his time

Simon Wiesenthal was a well-known Nazi-hunter all over the world who dedicated his life to preserving the truth about the horrors of the Holocaust. And to hunt and chase war criminals no matter how long time had gone by ...It did not matter to him.

He once told a friend of my in the 70s Vienna that the law might not always prosecute them but I don't let them rest and make them know that we seek themmand that makes them not sleep well at night and also change where about often.

Wiesenthal was born in Austria-Hungarian Monarchy also known as K.U.K. Kaiser und K├Âniglich that later became only know as Austria after the Monarchy was gone.... 

Simon Wiesenthal grew up in Austria which became a part of the Nazi Reich without any resistance and quite in contrary as Adolf Hitler was born in Austria and not Germany as many think today.

So once Hitlers nazi Reich was established in both Germany and Austria there was no where to hide for a Jew as most of the neighbours where active nazis who kept their eyes pen for Socialists (Communist) and Jews. 

Simon Wiesenthal and his family were rounded up and sent off to the concentration camps where he was forced into labor. He survived the war through a mixture of sheer willpower, pure chance and miracle.

Having survived the horrors of the Holocaust, Wiesenthal dedicated his life to hunting down Nazi murderers like Adolf Eichman and Franz Stangl.

The “Jewish James Bond” passed away having achieved his life mission of preserving the memory of the Holocaust by bringing many of those responsible to justice.

Check out this touching tribute to an amazing individual who affected the lives of millions with his work.