Friday, 26 February 2016

SDR now on LinkedIn as a group and discussion forum

As seen now on LinkedIn:

Dear Friends 
Im very happy to introduce to you SDR on LinkedIn.
The initiative for this project was taken by SDR Italy´s leader Mr. Marco Federico.
Naturally he enjoys the support of any and all of the Strategic Diplomatic Reflations activists.

We are many and we are from any area within security - diplomacy - politics - army - Police -
think tanks etc....We all seethe same: A sustainable and peaceful world that has tolerance for all 
gender and races.  However out home is the west and that said we try to promote the ages old
cultural bonds between Christians and Jews, just as an example as these are the traditional religions of the west. Most of our team´s agree upon the fact that modern politics should have no right to 
try to replace our culture in any way.  

SDR is very proud of our latest achievement by Mr. Marco Federico

Thank you.