Sunday, 28 February 2016

This is sure not what the Founding fathers of America wanted

There is no excuse for what Michael Wolfe did. Jihad Watch writes.
He is guilty of being hateful and stupid, and committing armed burglary and criminal mischief. 
He should be sentenced accordingly. 

We at SDR however think being stupid and resentful is not a crime neither should it be a such a big crime to put a animal body part in a Mosque. After all Muslims constantly mistreat dogs all over the western world without much of a sentence whatever.  We reported of slow and sickening torture of animals by Muslim Arabs in Sweden. That did not hurt only mentally but is a something that Westerners commonly don’t accept. Muslims are hurting dogs and cats all over the west while not
getting any punishment....Is that acceptable and is it less than placing some ham in a mosque ?

See the daily animal abuse by Muslims here:
Muslims Declare Jihad on Dogs in Europe Dead Dog Jihad (Join "EDL Videos" on facebook) 
Halal brutality - The way how muslims torture animals for Allah
Muslim halal meat slaughtering in Cairo Egypt imported from Australia
Barbaric Cruel islamic Halal Slaughter

Here a Muslims man attacking a pub caught on CCTV:


And the little bacon is hardly something inflicting bodily harm.
Bacon has been thrown at jews in the US and no one even got jail !
So why now ?

In Portland, Mohamed Mohamud attempted to commit jihad mass murder at a Christmas Tree lighting ceremony.
 He got thirty years in prison, and his lawyers are claiming that sentence was draconian and should be reduced. 

US must wake up to its Islamification and thing fairly about how we in the past have been accepting and forgiving. Especially if no one has been hurt physically!

So we ask: Should Michael Wolfe should get life in prison for bacon while Mohamed Mohamud gets thirty years for attempted mass murder? 

This indicates yet again that Muslims in the U.S. are rapidly becoming a protected class, by the authorities, while we the rest of us the Christians and Jews Hindus  Buddhists and many more " must" tolerate and actually are forced to watch INVENTED religious public manifestations.
See this; No burqa no hijab etc in Iran before 1979!Why should we be forced to go along radical Islamists now decades later when they wish to go away from modern towards Saudi Arabian radical ultra conservative Islam?

Michael Wolfe deserves punishment. 
But the punishment certainly should fit the crime according to US laws and not some sickening Sharia or something remotely the same.....

However now the US media reports:

“ An attack on a mosque using raw bacon and a machete could potentially garner a Brevard County man up to life in prison as a result of a recently added hate crime enhancement, authorities say”

Michael Wolfe, 35, was charged with armed burglary of a structure and criminal mischief of a place of worship in connection with the New Year’s Eve break-in and desecration of the Islamic Society of Central Florida Masjid Al-Munin Mosque in Titusville.

Police said the convicted felon acted alone, broke into the empty mosque with a machete at night, slashing at windows and other property before leaving behind a slab of raw bacon in and around the front door. A surveillance video shows Wolfe, dressed in camouflage pants and carrying a backpack as he stepped into the carport at the mosque.

The attack – one of a several acts of vandalism reported at Islamic centers across the country – drew national attention from advocacy groups like the [Hamas-linked — Ed.] Council on American-Islamic Relations. The incident left many in fear at the small, 50-member congregation.
Wolfe remains held at the Brevard County Jail Complex without bond and is awaiting trial.
“Our charging decisions confirm how seriously we take crimes of this nature. When further investigation shows a crime is clearly hate motivated, it will not be tolerated,” said State Attorney Phil Archer, who could not comment directly on the case.

The state attorney’s office reviewed the case and brought formal charges against Wolf earlier this month. Both charges now carry hate crime enhancements, which means the potential sanctions in the event of a conviction are increased. In the case of the armed burglary charge, Wolfe could now face up to life in prison if found guilty of the charge, although the case and any sentencing still hinges on whether a plea deal is reached, Wolfe’s prior record and the discretion of the judge.

Imam Muhammad Mursi, who oversees a network of mosques in Central Florida. lauded the state attorney’s office’s effort to pursue the case as a hate crime. “We have been hoping for that to happen. It was clearly a hate crime,” Mursi said. “Obviously, we were lucky that no one was there that night. He had a a machete, someone could have been killed.”
“Right now we are trying to recover and reassure people,” Mursi said…

See the video: