Monday, 14 March 2016

Egypt: TV Host Calls Hillary Clinton ‘Old Bag’ Responsible for Arab Spring

Egyptian TV host Mohamed Al-Ghiety called out Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton referring to her as an “old bag.”

Egyptian TV host Mohamed Al-Ghiety lashed at U.S. presidential Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton referring to her as a "OLD BAG" !
This comment was said on his Tahrir TV talk show, in response to the former secretary of state’s defense of the U.S. involvement in the Qaddafi ouster, Al-Ghiety referred to Clinton as an “old bag,” and accused the U.S. of being the cause for what happened in Libya, Iraq, and Syria. 
“At least 99% of the Libyans,” he said, “long for the days of Qaddafi.” The show aired on March 7. 

Many westerners as well blame the Obama administration for the lack of action and not handling of the Arabs spring  ....Which eventually now years later has ended up with ISIS claiming to have a state and EU being more or less invaded by more Muslim Arabs than Germans in the second world war.

Anyone not believing this should take a look at the numbers on Wikipedia etc ...Its all out there freely available to anyone wishing to know promotions of the matters happening now, under the Obama administrations watch.

Also under the same watch happened the senseless and sadistic killing of Ambassador Stevens.
In the History of the United states we at SDR don't think any U.S President has let such matter slip by trying to excuse it with lengthily investigations instead of demanding UN to exclude Libya as a member for braking the laws of diplomatic immunity. 

The same should as well have been done by the Republicans 1979 when Khomeini kidnapped the entire U.S Embassy in Tehran. So its not matter oaf just a political party but a some of the most idiotic diplomatic actions to take place since the WW2. 
UN was created just for these sort of matters to make order. But right now we only see UN being some sort of endless hope of donated money for their own administration.

Lets hope and pray that the west wakes up together on the so called Arab Spring or dream...
Fact is that most Arabs did this spring as they thought the western nations live in wealth without having to work for it. The uneducated masses have now flooded EU and still neither US or EU have done anything except pure lip service and some minor matters....However nothing has been taken place except wishes.

Maybe some day in the future the US and EU will start listening and reading the Arab news so that they can act upon what they say and do and not just vice versa!