Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Helsinki Think Tank warn EU leaders

Helsinki Think Tank implores EU Leaders to Prepare for Possible Migrant Sexual Mass Abuse this Spring.

Press Statement

Michael “Mike” Hulden
HTT Chairman and spokesperson  

Helsinki Finland 
March 30, 2016


Helsinki Think Tank (HTT) expresses deep concern at the sexual attacks and violence across EU,
which has left countless women traumatised and wounded. 

As police reports require a exact description of the perpetrators many victims fail to meet the criteria 
to charge the attackers officially. 

This mater of fact leaves a large unknown number of sexually motivated attacks undocumented and hence not reported to the political leadership.

HTT referred to the violence and rape representing the “horrible reality of  many women and girls in EU today” and pointed to migrant traditions as incitement and the major factor in the ongoing attacks. 

 HTT Chairman issued the following statement:
In the shadow of the horrifying sexual attacks that took place in Cologne and incident´s ongoing elsewhere, we need to acknowledge that we have a systemic problem. 

The sexual attacks must be addressed at the highest level since there remains to be no consensus on the scale of the threat within the European Union.

The term “mass rape” in Arabic is translated to “taharrush”. It is very deeply rooted in the Islamic culture and is a term we have heard used by many different migrants from all walks of life.

 All our Experts have said time and again, the migrant sexual abuse issue has to be dealt with harshly. 

We are not talking of incidents that are rare but incidents that are becoming culturally appropriated 
in many Islamic societies that now has hundreds of thousands of new migrants here within the European Union.

The fact that this spring, millions of European women will dress very lightly will give the migrants and excuse to trigger sexually fueled attacks that individual Nations and EU. 

It is urgent that we prepare in advance. This is very important as most of the newly arrived migrants in the EU have never seen a bare leg or stomach on a woman.

Helsinki Think Tank is reaching out to all EU leaders to act upon this very real threat,protecting their citizens.  

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