Tuesday, 22 March 2016

The Men Wanted in Connection With The Brussels Airport blasts but politically correct kills results!

By now the killed in the attacks has risen to more than 30 people and many more wounded 

The first picture allegedly showing three possible suspects behind the deadly blasts in the Belgian capital has emerged

The image allegedly comes from airport surveillance cameras and has been first published by an online version of Brussels' La Derniere Heure (The Latest Hour) newspaper.
It shows two men with black hair, one of them definitely bearded, wearing black jumpers. 
Both of them can be seen pushing airport baggage trolleys, and both have one hand gloved – possibly hiding a trigger for a bomb, DH.be reported.

The two “seem to have committed suicide attacks,” Belgium’s Federal Prosecutor Frederic Van Leeuw, later said at a news conference.The third man in the image is wearing a hat. Police have issued a wanted notice for him, with the authorities saying the man captured by CCTV at the airport is suspected of involvement in the attacks. 

The same man who is the third suspect was seen running away from the airport building, Reuters cited a government official as saying.
He was seen on CCTV pushing a trolley through the airport with two other suspects.

Both those men with the black glove´s are believed to have died in the blasts, possibly by detonating suicide devices.

So-called Islamic State (IS) said it was behind both the attacks in the Belgian capital.
An online statement from the group said the locations were "carefully selected" and warned of worse to come for "Crusader states allied against the Islamic State".

Belgian prosecutor Frederic Van Leeuw said police were seeking a man wearing a hat and light-coloured jacket, who was pictured with two other men at the airport.

He said searches were taking place "in several parts of the country", adding that an explosive device containing nails, chemical products and an IS flag were found in an apartment in the Schaerbeek area of Brussels.
The prosecutor said both blasts at the airport were believed to have been carried out by suicide bombers.

Airport and profiling security

Airports are generally designed around a clear security "line" after which people pass into the "airside" area, in effect a security bubble. 
This protects the aircraft as much as the airport. 
The Brussels bombs were detonated outside the bubble, in the terminal before the security check.
Passengers will wonder why there are no security scanners at the door of the airport, or the entrance to the car park. Should we move the line of security?

The problem is that this simply moves the place where the queue forms. 
And queues are the ideal soft target for a terrorist.

Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv, often cited as the world's most secure, relies on profiling. Passengers are closely watched and intensively questioned about who they are and where they are going. Some experts swear by it, but it has been criticised as "politically incorrect".

To those who say its politically incorrect we say look ate the safety first for the majority and then talk about who's correct we actually brake? Usually the ones who get asked are belonging to some group of individuals kinked to a violent past! 
That alone is a reference that we all create on this planet and its nothing incorrect to check individuals belonging to certain groups like bikers, eleven if not all bikers are 1% outlaw biers or have a criminal past. 
Still the west keeps on yapping about politically correct only when its in relation to Muslims. 
Should Muslims who have the largest killing quota on this earth as a group be relived of the same thing Bikers or US Militia men need to face at a border?

Meanwhile, the UK government stresses the importance of good intelligence....which to our knowledge has let in at least one Million Muslims to EU without any documents and god forbid any DNA check. 
In other words out of this Million Migrants many are already have been caught as bogus and actually aggressors (Militia fighters) without EU taking one step
to stop the matter since the mass rape in Cologne Germany this new year.

But even if it was possible to fully protect air travellers, there are plenty of other places where crowds gather, which could be targeted instead writes some truly ignorant journalist.
Fact is the less sharks you have on a beach the less people will be bitten!
Try to deny that in any what ever name it stays and remains a fact that political correct cant ignore forever.