Saturday, 19 March 2016

Turkeys President Erdogan accused Europe of "dancing in a minefield" by supporting militant groups

BRITISH holidaymakers are facing increasing threats from terrorist groups that have "united" inside Turkey, the country's president has warned. stanbul, Ankara and regions in the southeast of Turkey, which borders Islamic State (ISIS) heartland Syria, have been on the highest state of alert in recent weeks after a string of deadly suicide bombings.

Just today, an unidentified gunman killed a police officer and a civilian in a shootout in central Ankara.
Turkish bomb-disposal experts disabled an explosive device in a vehicle found overnight near a government building in southeast Turkey.
And on Sunday, 37 people were killed in the capital when a car bomb exploded near a busy transport hub. ( The bomb makers where however far from ISIS and where Kurd independence fighters ) Naturally its comfortable for President Erdogan to blame them to be in the same category as isis while they actually are the ONLY ONES WHO FIGHT ISIS head on !
Turkey's president Tayyip Erdogan said: "Every terrorist organisation active in our region and in Turkey has unified against Turkey." Lets not forget that for him terrorists are what we Europeans see as freedom fighters ! He has also said that Israel is a terrorist and even more awful matters....
In a speech earlier this week President Erdogan added that he wanted to redefine terrorism to include those who supported terrorism rather than just the terrorists themselves. That said its only words to legitimise attacks on Kurds while his son according to Russian media provenly continues to do Oil trade with ISIS...
Speaking today, the Turkish leader (dictator) also accused Europe of "dancing in a minefield" by supporting militant groups. Really he dares accuse EU 
The country is on edge after an escalation of violence between Kurdish groups, Islamist militants and government forces.
Foreign Office guidance for British tourists in Turkey advises against all travel to border regions close to Syria.
While other areas including popular holiday resorts on the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts remain open for business, foreign visitors are urged to remain vigilant.
A statement on the FCO website states: "Although the Turkish authorities have successfully disrupted attack planning in the recent past, the threat from terrorism remains high.
"Terrorist groups, including Kurdish groups, Daesh (formerly referred to as ISIL) and far left organisations, continue to plan and carry out attacks. Further attacks are likely."
It continues: "Most attacks are likely to continue to target the Turkish state. Nevertheless, it's increasingly likely that some attacks will also target western interests and tourism, as they did in Istanbul on 12 January 2016."
On that occasion, ten holidaymakers were killed, ten of them German.
Earlier this week, Turkey vowed to crack down on terrorists inside its borders with controversial new laws that critics say will lead to a further crackdown on press freedom and the independence of the courts.
So if you go to Turkey for holiday look out that you are not supporting west or Israel as thats most likely very terrorist supporting.....