Monday, 18 April 2016

EU dictatorship: The people have no saying as Turkish is made an 'official EU language

Not a single voter from the EU's 28 member states - which have a total population of 508 million - has yet to vote in favour of Turkish membership.

But EU MEPs voted 375 against 133 to back the initiative by President of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades, who asked the Dutch EU Presidency to add Turkish to the bloc’s 24 official languages in order to boost attempts to reach a reunification agreement on the Mediterranean island.

The move, expected to add £25m to the EU's annual budget, has infuriated critics who last night said it was further proof that Turkey’s accession to the EU was “all but guaranteed”.

They said that, although the European Commission would have to ratify the decision, earlier indicators were that dual pressures of Cyprus and Turkish accession would ensure it would be approved.

They warned that Turkey’s large population, which grew from 50 million in 1985 to 77 million in 2015 and is projected to overtake Germany’s by 2018, would give it more MEPs than the UK, making it the second biggest voting power under the EU’s Qualified Majority Voting system.
This should further water down the UK’s influence. 
Turkey’s per capita GDP is also less than one quarter of the UK’s, and on a par with Romania and Bulgaria, fuelling concerns of mass economic migration to Britain.
Last month the European Union signed a groundbreaking deal with Turkey aimed at combating the tide of refugees making their way into Europe.
As part of the agreement any “new irregular migrants” who arrived in Greece after that date would be sent back to Turkey. In return EU member states would accept one Syrian refugee from Turkey for every one sent back.
Turkey was rewarded with a £5bn bonanza from Brussels and assurances that Turkish passport holders would enjoy visa-free access to Europe later this year.
“This is proof that Turkey becoming an EU member state is all but a done deal,” said Ukip migration spokesman Steven Woolfe.

“If we remain in the EU, we will before long be in political union with Turkey a country which has vast deficiencies in the rule of law and freedom of the press.”
Ukip leader Nigel Farage has also said a vote for remaining in the EU is "a vote for Turkey, for massively increased migration to Britain."

SDR thinks that EU´s leaders have as much sense of national security as a headless chicken.

Former shadow Home Secretary and Grassroots Out spokesmen David Davis added: “In supporting Turkish membership, a country with a porous border with Iraq, Iran and Syria, the EU is hardly helping British national security.

"The only way we protect ourselves from the thousands of ISIS sponsored terrorists that Europol tell us are roaming free within the borderless EU is by voting to leave the EU on June 23.”
All of the other 24 'official and working' languages are tied to states which are full members of the European Union.

And Imagine on top of all this Welsh and Catalan are not even recognized as official languages, Turkish has now been added.
This is braking EU laws as: The European Commission says all EU citizens have the right to access all EU documents in the official language(s) of the Commission, and should be able to write to the Commission and receive a response in their own language.
In high-level meetings between Member States, the participants are able to use their own language when they take the floor.  The first official languages of what was then the European Community were Dutch, French, German, and Italian.  Since then, as more countries have become part of the EU, the number of official and working languages has increased. However, there are fewer official languages than Member States, as some share common languages.

In 2015 the European Commission issued a report on Turkey which expressed concern about its human rights record, limits to freedom of expression and its state of public administration.
With the son of Erdogan making oil trade with ISIS according to official Russian sources and some unconfirmed reports said a at one point that  Erdogan's fighter has been  seen in a hospital taking care of ISIS wounded fighters... This week we also report on 6 Churches in private hand have been confiscated by the Turkish officials and closed for a unknown time ...and the story on Turkish anti western and Christianity goes as far as that there is a State law prohibiting Turks to 
convert to Christianity the accusation used is law on un-Turkishness!!!

  • Article 301 (Turkish Penal Code) – An article of the Turkish Penal Code which makes it illegal to insult Turkey, the Turkish nation, or Turkish government institutions. It took effect on June 1, 2005, and was introduced as part of a package of penal-law reform in the process preceding the opening of negotiations for Turkish membership of the European Union (EU), in order to bring Turkey up to the Union standards.

This cant and should not be a matter for some small consensus group to decide but is of cultural importance as we in EU are mainly Christian's with a Christian Calendar and women are not killed like I'm´n Turkey by honour killings and more. If this takes place EU can as well ask Iraq and Syria to Join it would not matter anymore  as this would be the final blow to the Union and the end of it in the eyes of the common man.

Erodegan´s son in almost all media seen as a ISIS supporter!


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