Friday, 22 April 2016

Hamas and the Jerusalem bomb mystery

The Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas has claimed credit for the latest bus bombing in Jerusalem, the group has stated.  Hamas released a statement announcing the death of the Bethlehem native who is suspected of detonating the explosive on the bus in southern Jerusalem. Gazan´s also did distribute sweets on the streets to kids celebrating the the killing of the civilians like some grand achievement for humanity...

The Islamist group said that Abdel Hamid Abu Srour, 19, a resident of the Aida refugee camp near Bethlehem, was one of its members. His father was arrested by the IDF on Wednesday. 

The Hamas statement was made even as Israeli authorities have yet to confirm that the explosion was indeed a terrorist attack. 

The father of the Palestinian who died in a Jerusalem bus bombing denied on Thursday that his son was affiliated with the Hamas Islamist group.  Mohammad Abu Srour is the father of Abdel-Hamid Abu Srour.  
However once again …The pro-Hamas Palestinian Information Center said Abu Srour was from the Aida refugee camp near Bethlehem and said he was a member of the Kassam brigades, the armed wing of the Hamas militant Islamist group. Abu Srour the Palestinian militant from the occupied West Bank died from his wounds following a bomb which exploded on an Israeli commuter bus in Jerusalem on Monday. His father still denies this his son to have been doing this for Hamas, if he is so certain of this then he might be kind enough to tell which group made the bomb.

And naturally a mass demonstration took place on Wednesday as hundreds marched to the yard near the house of the family of the Palestinian teenager suspected of carrying out Monday's Jerusalem bus bombing  in a show of support for the so called young martyr. We at SDR think its rather sick to celebrate someone blowing himself up for what ever sake as most religions have never accepted such ....This naturally includes Sunni Islam where this sort of suicide was unthinkable in the early 60s or 70s. The radicalization of the Islamist movement has become so brutalized that if compared to 40 years ago no one could or would have done matters that Islamists today promote as legitimate tools to win armed struggle. It´s rather sad that the UN who's role it should be to protect civilians from brainwashing and radical by philosophies like Nazism or religious genocide (of any and all non Muslim's in Muslim lands) ..UN talks against Child soldiers in Africa but when the same happens on the level of even as young as toddlers by Islamists all over the world still UN tells nothing.
They do complain about a few Israeli houses but don't care if a 9year old is being exposed to FGM Female Genital Mutilation which is endemic all over the Middle East... 
And so here we are today reading of a young man who could have been a baker or a IT student if UN would have played their role well.  He is dead and the best he ever heard of was to be a so called martyr. 
Does this sound right and are there really no options? Naturally there are options but UN doesn't serve the Palestinian kids any alternatives to the kids. Why?Because of the the ever worsening brutality of Islamification for which the kids have to pay the highest price...
We only report this but we wont fail humanity by not saying that UN has failed to do almost everything that should be their priority to do. And that is to save human life....

Abu Srour was named after his grandfather who was killed in an Israeli bombardment on the headquarters of The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a party that operated in Lebanon in the days of the Israeli incursion to south Lebanon in the 1980's. 

A review of Abu Srour's social media profiles revealed that the Palestinian teenager was a great fan of The Palestinian Islamist movement, Hamas. He shared multiple banners in support of the movement and wrote comments revealing his admiration for Yahya Ayyash, former chief bomb maker for Hamas, who was assassinated by by Israel in January 1996.

Its hardly likely that the bomb maker and the one committing the suicide bomb was one and the same person acting alone. Most terrorist networks have places where they produce bombs but ironically they don’t have bakeries or repair shops that the common man could benefit from.  It would not take much to give hope for work instead of hope to blow one self up.

A sick fact remain to be told and that is that…Since the wave of attacks engulfed the capital last October, the vast majority of attacks against Jews and security personnel have been carried out by minors, some as young as 11! This just shows what sort of sickening brainwashing these kids must 
go trough if killing a Jew is the best thing they can imagine them self's to do!

During this time, Palestinians have carried out 211 stabbings, 83 shootings, and 42 vehicular attacks, killing 34 Jews, according to information on the Foreign Ministry’s website.

Approximately 200 Palestinians have been killed by security forces over the same period, 130 of whom were said by Israel to have been conducting an attack at the time of their death.

The remaining 70 people died in clashes with Israeli security forces.