Sunday, 8 May 2016

Finnish security really? Again a war criminal found - this time in a day care center!

The Iraqi officials are looking for him in suspicion of war crimes or terrorism.  Now this sought after criminal appears in this picture.

Mohaimen Adel whose name in Arabic is مهيمن عادل, presents himself in Finland as an asylum seeker by the name Mohemn Al-Zubaidi. He has visited maybe over four times a day care center in the town of Kangasala, where concern was raised among parents about paperless migrants working with children.

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Friends of this blog just 10 minutes ago did see a large group of intoxicated Arab migrants walking by from the migrant center nearby the rich City of Kauniainen in Finland, If these people are so poor then how comes they are seen buying alcohol every day in the Alcohol store?
Believe it or not but Finland still upholds alcohol sales monopoly like Russia did during the Communist era ! So there is only one place for them to buy alcohol in the area ...hence also it wakes attention as everyone knows that these people are living on the tax payers expenses and still have money for daily alcohol consumption....

In the Facebook screen capture below a mother is expressing her worry about children’s afternoon care centre maintained by the church, where asylum seekers work as volunteers, with children....
But according to Finnish news except MV there is no problem at all in Finland 

Finnish security really ?
This mother says the day care center didn’t inform her of the fact that migrants have been hired to work there. 
She heard about it from her young daughter. 
The daughter said the migrant men told her many times she’s beautiful and one said he has told his friends about the girl.

The news was edited on the 28th last month: The asylum seeker we mention here does not work in the day care centre, but visits it with the group of asylum seekers. Just imagine: At least four visits have been arranged by the local evangelical-Lutheran church so far.......