Wednesday, 25 May 2016

ISIS terrorists train in Gaza with Hamas

ISIS terrorists recently entered Gaza with the support of Hamas, and the organization is helping the ISIS fighters receive medical care in Gaza’s hospitals.

Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists from the Sinai Peninsula have entered Gaza through terror-tunnels to train with the Hamas terror organization, a senior IDF officer has revealed.

The Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT), Maj. Gen. Yoav Mordechai spoke of the recent developments on Friday in an interview with the Saudi news site Elaph, as translated by Israel’s Haaretz.
Mordechai said operatives entered Gaza a few days ago with the support of a well-connected Hamas affiliate, and that the organization is helping the ISIS fighters to receive medical care in Gaza’s hospitals.

Such reports have surfaced in the past, and the collaboration between Hamas and Ansar Beit al-Maqdis, ISIS’ affiliate in the Sinai is a well established fact. 
Elaph has in recent weeks published reports of wounded men being transferred from the restive Sinai Peninsula into Gaza.
In return, ISIS is reportedly supplying Hamas with weapons.
Mordechai explained that Hamas’ field commanders were informed, and its top military and political leaders were updated on the issue.

On Saturday, Hamas naturally denied the reports. Not only the but, Hamas spokesman in Gaza Sami Abu Zuhri called Mordechai’s words “incitement” against the Gaza Strip, issued in order to “justify future aggression and the continued siege of Gaza.”

We at SDR translate this from Hamas propaganda language as a vague attempt to talk away the close connection between Hamas and internationally recognized Islamist terrorists and the sickest of them all ISIS. ISIS has in recent years brought such horrible sickening sadistic killings into the public media that it should have awoken the medias hearts by supporting the opposition rather than helping Hamas and other affiliates with accusations against Israel even if there was no Arabic language spoken in entire Palestine in the ancient days of which Westerners commonly describe as Jesus days. Historical fact that both the Pope and Israel's beloved Netanyahu share is that the language spoken in this days where Hebrew Aramaic and Greek ...but never ever Arabic!

Facts are facts and fairytal´s are ancient Arabic tradition

Israeli defense establishment say that Hamas only denies connections with ISIS outwardly, but are actually collaborating with them, as well as with Iran.
We at SDR hope that the rich Gulf Nations wake up to the fact that the Hamas leadership is actually taking their money but supporting nations actively acting against all the existing Gulf rulers today in one way or another.
Its not so easy but somehow Hamas manages to sweet-talk and prolong any sort of deeds in this matter just the way they have always blamed Israel for failing any peace talks!  As a matter of fact according to Palestinian sources in Gaza reported by Haaretz, though Hamas is actively courting Egypt. There are some... "especially in it military leadership", that view Iran and Salafist groups as  their main source of funds and arms, and are reluctant to give up the ties. 

Hamas is as well facing increasing pressure from the Saudi royal house to cut ties with Iran and respect Egyptian national security interests.
We at SDR wonder how long Hamas will be able to fool the Egyptians and the Saudi Arabians without facing any consequences?

Lets not forget  that Egypt has been waging a bloody war against ISIS insurgents in the Sinai. Egypt’s army has been conducting an extensive campaign to destroy smuggling tunnels running between Sinai and Gaza, as part of a broader military campaign in the northern Sinai against anti-regime Islamic terrorists who, together with Hamas, have carried out several deadly attacks against Egypt’s security forces....