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Jewish Travelers Separated, And Removed from British-based EasyJet Airline

Orange must be replacing the old nazi colours red white and black,,,,,

The following shows the heavily armed Guardia Civil 
Standing around like some Nazi Guards while no one 
from the Airline is speaking loudly French or English
to the passengers who most certainly donut speak 
Spanish, Chinese , Gambian or Icelandic ............

A group of Jewish families that included elderly people, pregnant women and children were taken off an EasyJet passenger plane in Barcelona waiting to depart for Paris, according to a report on the European Jewish Press. One of the passengers, a Holocaust survivor, said the behavior of police who came to take the traveler´s off the flight was similar to that of the German Nazi SS police during World War II!

The families were removed after the plane had been sitting on the tarmac for more than two hours, waiting for departure. 
Many of the Jewish men were wearing kippahs, making them clearly identifiable.

They were returning home to Paris after having spent the Passover holiday in Spain, but were removed from the flight by armed Spanish police officers.


Well imagine this:

Despite the fact that the British-owned EasyJet flight was en route to Paris from Barcelona, the flight attendant chose to speak only Spanish!
Imagine how dumb the airline must be when you read the next to us at SDR ever unheard of service!!!!

When she told the Jewish group they were being removed from the flight.
When they asked her to speak in French, she declined, saying she could not speak a word in French or English.

Is it compulsory for Easy jet to be illiterate and not speak the languages 
most of the world speak and that is English.

If I was to board a plane knowing that the attendants etc would speak only Arabic and Spanish and maybe Chinese and Somali ...Would I book such a flight? Hell no ! And neither would most of EU and the US of A !
As a matter of fact I do not have one friend who lives nearby speaking any Spanish where I live...So to me not to speak Spanish for a common EU traveler  is a a rather ignorant demand. besides the fact that its impolite towards the customers ...

Just imagine what happened next 
One of the Jewish passengers, a 15-year-old boy, tried to use sign language, motioning with his hands to ask what was going on. 
In response the flight attendance called the Spanish Guardia Civil Police, a passenger told JPUpdates.

Another passenger, Franck Ben, described the nightmare in a French-language Facebook post, saying he and others felt like they were being treated like terrorists. 

Ben said the police tried to take away the teenager who had tried to communicate with hand gestures, but his mother intervened and would not allow him to be taken without her.

Placed under armed guard by the Spanish Guardia Civil Police - who were hardly civil — the frightened Jewish passengers were held for six long hours in a secluded area of the terminal without air conditions without being told why; nor were they told when they might be allowed to leave.Strategic Diplomatic Relations thinks that the one and only reason for all this discomfort and rudeness only happened because British owned Easy Jet had no English spoken person just like 99.9% of the airlines have including in Russia and China. 
I have even taken local remote local flights in both India and Iceland Russia (to Siberia) and Swedish Lapland on all flights was a perfect English service ...But British owned Easy jet cant offer such and blame the customers and call in police who seems to be as idiotic and illiterate ...

Blogger J.E. Dyer wrote about the incident on the Liberty Unyielding website, noting that the situation “blew up that probably didn’t have to, in part due to a language barrier.”

Dyer, whose language skills are clearly very good, also provided a translation for the French-language account of passenger Alain Sayada, who posted a full first-person narrative on Facebook and on an independent website of the events that took place.

What really happened on EasyJet flight EZY 3920 from Barcelona to Paris

J.E Dyer writes: My turn to tell what happened on EasyJet flight EZY 3920 from Barcelona to Paris, [which was scheduled to depart] 1 May 2016 at 13:05 [1:05 PM].

May wife and two children (aged 3 and 1) and I boarded with more than 150 other Jewish people after a superb trip to Spain organized for the Jewish Passover celebration. 
We were all very relaxed, in good humor and cheerful.

Everyone was seated, with seat belts on, the plane was on the runway. 
It was near takeoff.

During the security briefing [to the passengers], one of the flight attendants named OMAR allowed himself to say “CHUTT” in a loud voice [i.e., “shush!” in an implicitly rude manner] to an old person who was speaking quietly to his 15-year-old grandson, The OMAR person continued blasting instructions at him in Spanish made the elderly man, stopped talking……

I was seated at the front of the plane in seat 3C and I saw OMAR complain to the cabin chief about the bad behavior of a passenger; the cabin chief responded in English that they [would] see about that in Paris.

Strategic Diplomatic Relations (blog)  just wonders why the Cabin chef would not talk to the customer as he spoke English? OMAR most certainly did not hide his Islamic traditional hate towards Jews when he started this  matter!

About 30 minutes later, the attendants complained over the microphone that a person didn’t want to secure her children and [therefore] we couldn’t take off. One of my neighbors offered to go speak to this family, as perhaps they couldn’t speak English.
This man got up and I saw him return a minute later telling me he didn’t understand: everyone was secured, there was no problem.

And for another 20 minutes, we waited.....

An attendant named Christina went back and forth with the one named Omar, and spoke constantly over the microphone in a hurried and [unhealthy; probably “unprofessional”] manner.
She spoke in Spanish or a really inferior English, proclaiming that she didn’t speak a word of French.

Not understanding, the gibberish she was speaking a young teenage boy of 15 asked with hand gestures “What’s going on? What are you saying?” while this Christina person spoke in the microphone in SPANISH, knowing perfectly well that not one passenger understood the language. 

Then, with the passengers as a whole completely confused, after an hour of waiting the cabin chief and the captain decided to return [to the Barcelona airport terminal] to remove the teenager [from the plane] 
(Why was the Cabin chief not explaining in English to the obviously confused passengers we at SDR wonder...)

After 20 minutes, the plane stopped next to 4 Guardia Civil vehicles [apparently next to the terminal]. 
Just imagine ...A half dozen men climbed into the plane wanting to take the minor age 15-year-old for questioning. 
His mother intervened, saying he was not an adult, if they wanted him to take him, they’d have to take her too. They [the men] refused. 
They wanted the young man, by himself. We  ate SDR wonder if such is even legal if a legal guardian is present on a flight  and the passenger hasn't been behaving aggressively or caused any threat.

Its getting worse ...

Just imagine the airport police NOT SPEAKING A WORD OF ENGLISH, the language barrier was a real problem.
During entire this time, the captain remained silent, leaning against the wall, letting the situation deteriorate....

The family [of the 15-year-old, apparently] was trying to understand and explain, but the attendants were vile and heartless and demonstrated a really overzealous [attitude].
5 minutes later, a lady succumbed to a panic attack and fainted amidst the tension, panic, and crying of numerous children.

So I decided to go speak to the captain and ask him to make a decision and take managerial responsibility for the situation; he looked at me and said in English that he didn’t really know what to do and he didn’t want to take off if everyone wasn’t seated. 
An inadequate response in view of the situation with 250 agitated passengers [the real number would not have exceeded 180 on this flight. – J.E.].

Behind me, a man, the father of 6 children, raised his voice although without unseemly gestures or vulgar words, I tried to calm him down but the [heat of confinement in the plane; i.e., the emotional agitation] made the atmosphere electric.

The police made the decision to disembark everyone and to take us to a place in the airport apart from everyone else.

We had all been sequestered and left stuck, and prohibited from going out to stretch or get some air. And that a hot Summer day in Spain in a room without air conditioning! 

We were very hot. 
- The babies were red and hot and ....
- Many of the mothers had nowhere to sit. 
- The babies, children were hungry and crying, as the parents had not expected to have to plan for a 9-hour trip, but only for 3. 
- A pregnant woman was crying on the phone. 
- Children ran around and cried, not understanding… 
- An older person felt ill… 

It all simply was a service nightmare! (Or better yet no service at all nightmare) 

On lack of service while on top of all, the passengers were surrounded by heavily armed Guardia Civil officers, with guns and batons, as if we were terrorists!

Yet there were only families and old people on this flight, the passengers  have proof of that with photos. So its not matter that can be debated.

J.E Dyer writes further: Next, we waited 5 hours, from 1400 to 1900 [2 PM to 7 PM] in this room, in horrible conditions. 

Parents went to ask the Spanish law enforcement officers for information, and if they knew when we might [be allowed to board again]? 
And if there was a reason why were all stuck under guard in this room for an indefinite period? 
They [the officers] didn’t answer. 
One of the Guardia Civil men violently shoved a father when he went to ask a question… To document this, a woman began to record his violent actions. One of the men [i.e., a Guardia Civil officer] literally leaped on her, shoving her violently and taking her phone from her.

Around 1730 [5:30 PM], 12 Guardia Civil officers, batons in hand, forcibly took away a 40-year-old father of 6 with a kippa on his head who merely raised his voice a bit in requesting that someone explain to us [what was going on], help us in this situation.

I fully understood at that moment that anyone who didn’t do exactly as they said [i.e., the Guardia Civil officers] would be immediately set upon.

An old male passengers from the flight, who gad been a Holocaust survivor, said of these [Spanish law enforcement] men, “These guys, this is what the SS was like during the Shoah.” Needless to say, they made us all think of the SS and the Gestapo.

We remained uncertain of when we would be able to get home for six long hours. In this room where we were stifled by the heat and weren’t allowed to leave. 
I think at this stage, we could call this nightmare a hostage situation.

Sequestration in atrocious conditions. And we were helpless. We contacted [Assembly] Deputy Meyer Habib from there. He notified the Quai d’Orsay [the French foreign ministry] and [Foreign Minister] Manuel Valls. We also tried to contact France 3 [media network] and BfmTv from the room, without much success.

Finally, after six long and interminable hours, they decided to let us reembark, they assembled the passengers. 

They wouldn’t let the 15-year-old young man or his 70- and 80-year-old grandparents on this flight, or the 40-year-old father [i.e., the one who raised his voice]. [Those particular passengers] had to take another flight, scheduled for 2 hours later. More interminable waiting.

As we were re-boarding, they stopped a young woman of 22 and told her that if she didn’t erase the videos and photos she had taken, she wouldn’t be allowed to fly. We ate Strategic Diplomatic Relations wishes to ask you if this I can be named  law and order? Or the same sort of dictatorship we recall by Stalin and Hitler or Idi Amin.....

Her mother begged them on her behalf. They [the authorities] kept our passports and ID cards so they could threaten us that way.

It was my turn to board, and at that point, to my great surprise, I was denied boarding, for the sole reason that the captain asked something of the police [apparently about the narrator].

I went to see the police officers at the departure point, who promised to see the captain and let him know I’d rather help them all out by translating between English and French [i.e., speak to the captain directly], but the captain didn’t want to hear about it.
The policeman said quietly in my ear: here, we are under the captain’s order, if he doesn’t want you, you don’t go.

Concussion because the captains choice my wife would have to travel alone, 5 months pregnant and on top of that have with two children 1 and 3 years old
to take care of alone. We at Strategic diplomatic Relations think that this captains behaviour reminds us of WW2 War criminal Mengele. 

She [melted down, basically – panicked, screamed, cried] but the Guardia Civil  came back again to look for me on top of all with batons out!

Was this reakly humane behaviour? At 5 months along, any shock or major stress could be fatal for the baby.  Seeing that I remained calm and impassive, 5 officers went again to explain my situation and that of my wife to the captain who apparently didn’t have the guts to make a sensible decision all day, but fortunately, I was allowed on the flight at the last minute.

Entering into the plane, the flight crew had changed out, one attendant spoke excellent French, the two others fluent English and everything went fine with them. Needless to say, what we had just lived through was shocking and traumatic for each one of us. Let it not be forgotten that the alleged 250 passengers [it was actually 180 max] were women, children, parents, old people, babies, etc. There could hardly be anyone more inoffensive! And we were treated like common animals.

Having arrived 2 May in Paris, my wife had a visit with the gynecologist and the verdict came down, a situation like this put the health of our future child in grave danger. I am lodging today a complaint against EasyJet for discrimination suffered during flight EZY 3920.

It is obvious to anyone who reads the above account of Alain Sayada (translated by J.E.Dyer) and a few moment by SDR that the incident demands investigation by the governments of Spain, France and Britain, all of whose nationals were involved in this Entebbe-like affair.
A spokesperson for the British-based EasyJet airline confirmed the veracity of the incident.
“We would like to apologize to customers for the inconvenience and the delay,” the spokesperson said in a statement. “The safety and well-being of passengers and crew is always EasyJet’s priority.” Police were called, the statement added, “due to a group of passengers behaving in a disruptive manner.” JPUpdates asked the airline about the allegations of the families regarding their separation due to their faith.

The response of the airline’s spokesperson is illuminating: “All of our staff are carefully selected and undergo a rigorous training program to maintain our high level of customer care. To confirm, we have a zero tolerance towards discrimination of any kind.”

EasyJet is a British low-cost airline based at London Luton Airport. 

It may be of interest to note that Luton’s Labour councilor Aaysegul Gurbuz, 20, was suspended last month over claims that she called Adolf Hitler ‘the greatest man in history,’ according to the April 9, 2016 edition of the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper.

About the Author: Hana Levi Julian is a Middle East news analyst with a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from Southern Connecticut State University. A past columnist with The Jewish Press and senior editor at Arutz 7, Ms. Julian has written for, and other media outlets, in addition to her years working in broadcast journalism.SDR was not present but has added comments and questions into the article

You wont believe the reply by Easy Jet!!!

An EasyJet spokesperson denies Jewish passengers were deliberately separated out from the other travelers prior to departure from Barcelona en route to Paris.

EasyJet Airlines categorically denied having removed and separated Jewish passengers from the rest of the travelers on board a flight from Barcelona to Paris on May 1, in a statement to media on Monday by Andy Cockburn, the airline’s director of public relations.

“Flight EZY3920 from Barcelona to Paris Charles de Gaulle on 1 May 2016 with 180 passengers on board returned to the gate in Barcelona and was met by police due to a group of passengers behaving in a disruptive manner,” said Cockburn, as quoted by JTA in several Jewish publications.

“All passengers were asked to disembark at the request of the police so they could speak to a small number of passengers in order to investigate the incident…. [EasyJet] does not tolerate abusive or threatening behavior on board,” he added. and Cockburn exchanged phone calls numerous times on Monday but each time JP returned the call, Cockburn was unavailable or could not be reached. Messages were left on both sides and emails were exchanged as well, but contact was elusive.

Even if some passengers were “disruptive” it still is not clear why an entire flight was forced to disembark, nor why only the Jewish passengers were required to remain secluded for six hours in a separate section of the terminal under armed police guard, nor why their captors refused to answer their questions.

Cockburn’s contention that the Jewish passengers were separated at the request of the police so they could be questioned under investigation does not make much sense, unless the police were only probing Jews. However, the spokesperson’s final comment that the airline “does not tolerate abusive or threatening behavior on board” seems to imply that Jews were behaving in an abusive or threatening behavior on board prior to takeoff.

We at SDR wish to point out that there is a campaign to boycott Easy Jet by disabled people ...That tells very much about the company on our eyes.

SDR has combined the story with the reply by Easy Jet and comments thought by SDR ,
The actual Author: Hana Levi Julian is a Middle East news analyst with a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from Southern Connecticut State University. 

A past columnist with The Jewish Press and senior editor at Arutz 7, Ms. Julian has written for, and other media outlets, in addition to her years working in broadcast journalism.

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