Saturday, 7 May 2016

Terrorist friendly Turkey what does it seek in Europe and Nato?

Turkey's president has told the EU it will not change its anti-terror laws in return for visa-free travel.

"We'll go our way, you go yours," Recep Tayyip Erdogan said.
The EU says Turkey needs to narrow its definition of terrorism to qualify for visa-free travel - which is part of a larger deal between the sides aimed at easing Europe's migration crisis.
Mr Erdogan was speaking a day after PM Ahmet Davutoglu, who largely negotiated the EU deal, said he was stepping down.

Turkey is know for its denial of building Churches and for its sponsoring of The Egyptian so called Brotherhood founded once by al-Banna. Turkey also host the Hamas leadership and as it seems any Islamist who seek refuge ... The Russian Government did reveal Turkeys Presidents son to be the main ISIS oil baron selling ISIS oil and therefor funding ISIS,
How can Nato be this naive to think that Turkey would bomb ISIS?
Well nom they did with US funding ....
Hust no one in the entire US seems to be disturbed by the fact that Turkey uses NATO to bomb 
Kurd civilians !

UN the most shameful organisation on this planet has sold its soul to the oil Arabns with some of the worst human rights conditions to lead its Human Rights Council . Wo naturally attack Israel who  gets attacked by Palestinian Muslims in a way that Kurds never ever did to Turks! Still the US voices loudly when such happens and is quiet when the Turks kill villages of Kurdi civilian including women and small toddlers ....

Its still against Turkish law to become Christian or Jew etc ..and for that hey even have a racist law !
Not that UN or US makes much noise about it as its Muslims who are the racists ....but just Imagine if Europe would do what Turkey does now ? Every Arab would give out a fat this or that and the Ham-asses would dance war dances ... while Obama would call it outrageous.

Silence of the lambs stops here and now at least for us at SDR.

Here is the doughtier and son of Erdogan taken from some articles, do they fit in to EU or NATO?
 ....links can be found below.

Real diplomacy can only exist if there are rules on diplomatic conduct and rights and not one Islamic nation has done so.  Leaving us with the question ...If there are no rules and if Jews in fact are pigs and non human like many of the Muslims teach their kids openly in UN funded schools. 
The Palestinian school books don't even have Israel existing on their maps we did read in the news .....So If Jews are not humans and America silently stands by shutting up the The we at SDR ask:
Why cant baboons and donkeys join the UN?

At last but least a small reminder for our US and EU christian readers on what it is to be 
Christian in Turkey as reported by international news (So you don't have to take our word for it)

Turkey is not a safe place for non Muslims or Women who are constantly killed by their own Mothers Brothers and Fathers in so called Honour Killings...

First a video on how secularity and Multi-culture works in Turkey and that it in fat officially is practicing apartheid against non Muslims.

Religious Freedom in Turkey is stepped upon by law!

A survey conducted in 2008 by two Turkish scholars as a part of the International Social Survey Program. 
It discovered that:

- One third of Turkish Muslims would object to having a Christian as a neighbor.

- More than half believe that Christians should not be allowed to openly express 
their religious views in printed publication or in public meetings.

- More than half are opposed to Christians serving in the army, security services, police force, and political parties.

- Just under half believe Christians should not be active in the provision of health services.

Imagine such said anywhere in the west ?
Oops ...but Turkey is considered West by US Germany UK and Sweden Norway and more …