Saturday, 4 June 2016

Canada the example of full scale Islamification

This is what will happen to your nation unless before you know it .....

We at SDR never thought in a million years would we see law-enforcement cars of any western Nation being labeled in Arabic upon the nations flag making western culture clearly submissive to Islam. Equality is fine but no non official language should ever be on a patrol car in any nation no matter how many locals are Muslims like in this case.
Neither do you see a Hebrew written on any US or Canadian cars no matter how many Jews lives locally somewhere. The same applies to Hindu letters, or Chinese or Latinos.
Its matter of integration or selling out, nothing else.

Since when is it important of what religion someone is in a democratic state with laws created for everyone equally. 

Its perfectly fine if someone wishes to be Muslim but just think for one good minute about the following: How do you feel if you wish to flee Islamist and seek freedom in the west just to see that the local police cars have almost the same text as that of any Islamist nation?
Or how would you feel to report a Muslim terrorist if you see police cars parked in front of the police station with Arabic text upon the nations flag?

We at SDR would not be willing too pay for any specific religion to be advertised on the local police car...because that's exactly what this is ! And nothing else.

What would Canada do if a city was full of the new religion Pastafarians? Put a spaghetti picture upon the local flag of the nations police car? 

See this  here below and say goodbye to all senses and your western rights of equality.

Robert Spencers Jihad watch write´s the best comment regarding this matter:

According to the 2011 census, 4.4% of London residents are Muslim. However, only 2.6 percent are Arabs, while 2.7% are Latin Americans. Why aren’t the cars marked in Spanish? This is just more of the prevailing tendency in the West to appease Muslim communities and to play into the Sharia imperative that Muslims be supreme over people of other religions.