Friday, 24 June 2016

Congratulations! UK votes to leave the European Union

We at SDR wish t congratulate the UK for laving the EU and for opening the doors for other
smaller nations who do well by them selfs to do the same!
Tunis nothing but a modern Dictatorship with lots loo laws that make no service to the people.
What makes us the most worried was that the head of the EU cant be asked to leave .....
In other words dictatorship.
Then the Equality factor not much different than the good old CCCP Soviet union with the only difference that nowise equality between nations endnote people like in Communism ...
Not much different really. For most North Europeans their ability to go for holiday to Greece
or Spain, Portugal or Italy!
North of EU with the NordicNations have never done as bad as now and that while during the Cold war the nations where building up the nations and unemployment was rare etc etc ...
Today we see no jobs and bread has gone from 1 Finnish mark to 1-3 Euro!!!!
The EU was and still is the end of the North EU.

At last but least, thank you UK for being inspiration to others who seek freedom too......